Sunday, October 31, 2010

Last minute Halloween Look

Hello OhMyGosh Readers :)

Halloween is here. Although I wish I could have published this look earlier, I have been terribly busy.

Well, let’s begin.

I wanted to do a Greek Goddess, but how do you portray one? In this case, I wanted to be Persephone, b/c of my boyfriend’s fondness of Hades. She’s known as The Queen of the Underworld and the origin of the Seasons. I didn’t want anything too dark, b/c Persephone, tho known for her dark beauty (black eyes and hair), was a great beauty and lover of spring and flowers. She was abducted by Hades and doomed to spend part of her year with him and the other part on Olympus.

Well, here’s what I’ve done. I used the 80 Shimmer Palette, Catrice’s eye Quattro in Aqua Flash nÂș5, Natura’s Unica Foundation, makeup remover and white pigment, the blush from the 42 palette, a darker pressed powder to contour…. oh, and HUGE fake lashes too lol.

<<< I used these colors >>>

This is how I looked before.
 This is how I looked after.

I mixed a little makeup remover to thin the foundation and a little amount of white pigment to make it paler. I used the pink on the inside, the lavender in the middle, white to highlight the top of the eyebrows.

I used too much blush, I know. The thing is, the flash was washing out the color so I added more. And now that I’m looking at the pics I could have toned it down a lot.

I used an eBay gel liner (the best I’ve ever got!!) to line and do my water line. Also, I used the rest of it in the brush to define my brows.

In these close ups you can see the blending and the distribution of the color. I used the purple to contour my nose too. The lashes I got on eBay, I don’t remember the seller but he/she had a great selection.
Well, this is my first look. I truly hope you all enjoyed it :). I have some good ones up my sleeve and I’ll post them in the future.

Until next time,
Huggles to all!

Paula ♥


  1. Very pretty! Love the huge fluffy lashes!

  2. I <3 the eyes, but unfortunately, they and the before pictures are the only images showing on my computer =(

  3. I think you look gorgeous! I'm a huge blush fan, and probably wear 'too much' according to most people on a daily basis, so I think the look is wonderful ^_^

  4. Yowza! smoking hot results - as usual! :D

  5. i love it! I could totally picture you in the Dark Hunters serie ;)

  6. Nice!
    And you actually look like a greek goddes!
    Looks like you walked out of a movie or tv-show about romans and greeks or something, very impressive!

  7. @Kitten Mittens - I love those lashes too, they are so drag and over the top! :)) But i tell you, they are also heavy. My lids were tired after 10 minutes taking pics! LOL But I can say, It made it easyer to make the "sultry" look... all i have to do is relax my lids and the lashes did the rest.... LOL

    Thank you all. I was a little nervous, since this is my first tut. I'm happy you girls like it :)))