Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween Look: Mermaid

I've been thinking about doing a Halloween look, and decided that if I ever was going to do one, it had to be now. I don't have much days off, and last weekend we spend, refurnishing the bedroom.( pulling apart an over 2 bij 2 meters wide closet, and putting back together a new one)

Please keep in mind: in real life the colours were much more bright and vibrant!

I used a lot of products, and I'll try to list all of them, but unfortunately, you won't recognize them all: I still don't have the right lighting.

I started with making my face pale and glowy. I used Every Day Minerals Kaolin Powder Fair, and on top of that I used NYX mosaic powder Highlighter.

On my cheeks I used some silver and pale blue from the Zoeva Metallic Stone Palette.

On my forehead, I applied some Gosh eyeshadowbase, because it has this pearly white shimmer. Then I used some fabric and dabbed some Gosh Effect Powder Azure on the fabric, to create the fishscale-effect.
I could have done more on my cheekbones or on the sides of my face, but I didn't have all day ;)

My eyebrows were done with Gosh eyeshadowbase, Gosh Effect Powder Steel, Coastel Scents eyeshadowpencil Celestial Moon, NYX Glitter Mania Disco Ball. The last one is a holographic silver glitter powder, which unfortunately doesn't really show very well on cam. Lastly I applied a line of Gosh Effect Powder Sea Me underneath the eyebrow and brushed that a bit through the eyebrows for some more colour. I didn't want the eyebrows to look too 'grey'.

On the eyes I  applied some CS Celestial Moon in the inner eye corner and some CS eyeshadowpencil Teal on the rest of the eyelid. I used Gosh Effect Powders: Paradise, Blue Diamond, Azure and Aquatic. I used Sky as a highlighter.

Then I took the Teal pencil and drew some lines underneath the eye and on the outer corner. I also applied some NYX Glitter Mania Blue, which doens't show up on cam at all :(, on the outer V and above the crease.

Then I applied some CS True Black gelliner and applied the Sugarpill fake lashes.

On my lips I applied some Eight Hour Cream, and then applied the Gosh Effect Powder Azure. It gives a real bright and metallic shiney effect, which I adore.

After that, I used some fake hair and a hairpiece. Unfortunately I don't have a big wig, with lots of volume and shells and such, but hey, this worked pretty good.

And ofcourse, I can't make pictures without being weird....hahahah

Please let me know what you think of this look and if I should do this more often, or just keep posting EOTD's. Also, don't forget the GOSH giveaway!!!


  1. The blue in your eyes is AMAZING! I love the "scales" on your forehead and your choice of lashes. Gorgeous as always!!

  2. Very pretty Halloweenlook, it looks gorgeous on you :)

  3. wooow ik vind het echt zo mooi, je voorhoofd maakt het echt helemaal af

  4. Dat ziet er super geslaagd uit! Ik zou helemaal zot worden van die wimpers :p
    Dat heb je echt enorm goed gedaan wauw :)

  5. Supermooi zeg! Die outfitt maakt het af, haha! ;-)

  6. aww thanx guys. :) I didnt have a lot of time but i really wanted to do a halloween look, and this was the leadt I could do. It's pretty basic/easy, but I had fun doling it, and It's really great to read your comments on it. :))

    I'll see if i can do something similiar if i have a day off or something. I really need to make (more) time for this. Feel free to give me some inspiration for those ;)