Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween Inspiration / Tutorials

Halloween isn't really big in the Netherlands, but I knew there still are quite a few people who like to throw a party and dress up anyway.

Since I don't have any days off to do some myself, here are some inspirations and tutorials for halloweenlooks for you....

One of the awesome looks by Jangsara , my favourite blog. She uses wigs and accesoiries to make every look perfect. She has done looks from elvira to marilyn monroe to lady gaga, but also looks like this one above. If you need inspiration, especially about colourcombos, go check her out!

Sugarskull totorial by Kronicles of a konader , she also has some other halloween tutorials on her blog.

Unzipped makeup tutorial by Petrilude , check out his other videos, he has made some really awesome (halloween)looks!

 Cat look by MissChievous, she has a lot of different looks on her site aswell, check her out!

No Halloween party for me this year, I will be working that day. I'll probably dress up though, something simple and practical...maybe little red riding hood :)

Are you going to a party? And will you be dressing up?


  1. Oh, how I wish halloween was as popular here as it is over there!!! I love dressing up and doing looks and costumes. If I could, I would be a greek goddess this year. Persefone to be exact. :)

  2. Jangsara definately has awesome looks!

    Btw, I'll give you the link to my autumn look (for the Gosh give-away) in a few hours, just so you know :D.