Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gosh Winter Look 2010

This Winter Look by Gosh, doesn't just have some new products, but also new colours from already available products! Some of them are favourites of mine, so let's take a look at all the new eyecandy!

Eyebrow Kit

The ultimate brow kit which contains three brow powder shades, which are easy to blend and match(light, medium and dark) and a wax cream to fix and shape. The wax can be used alone, or on top of eyebrow pencils or powders. The kit also contains an applicator and brush in one and a build-in mirror. There's also a step by step guide and it's paraben and perfume free.
Price: 9,99 euros

Defining Brow Gel

This is a transparent gel that controls your brows. The formula tames unruly brows without leaving them stiff, flaky or sticky. The gel can be worn alone or used over Gosh eyebrowpencils, or the eyebrowkit powders. This gel is suitable for sensitive eyes and is perfume and paraben free.
Price: 7,99 euros

Gosh Lengthening 2 Step Mascara

This is a mascara with the Reviva serum, which will create superlong lashes with lots of volume.
Step 1:
This is a transparant nourishing serum, containing cotton peptide and panthenol, which have a rejuvenating and moisterizing effect. This creates volume in each single strand. It will make the lashes feel soft, thick and strong.
You can use this serum as a basecoat beneath your mascara, or alone as a serum at night.
Step 2:
This is a coloured mascara, which can be applied to the lashes, after the serum is dry. This will create an intense colour and further lengtening.
This product is also prfume and paraben free.
Price: 11,49 euros

I'm not sure what to think of this. The last 2 step mascara I had by Gosh was the worst I've ever had. I'll definately try it out to I can give you a good review.

Intense Lashes Mascara - Waterproof

This mascara is extremely waterproof, designed to resist tears, sweat, raind and other forms of moisture. The formula is totally clump proof, so it won't smudge, which is essential for finishing up the perfect look. The content of natural waxes strengthens and conditions the lashes, a unique mascara that gives your eyelashes exaggerated volume and definition which will last all day long.
And again, it's perfume and paraben free.
Price: 9,99 euros

Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner

These eyeliners are easy to use, soft to the eye and have excellent coverage. They are waterproof and extremely durable.The formula contains jojoba oil and vitamin E and it's perfume free.
These were already available, but Gosh will now release 3 new colours!
Classic Grey nr 016, a grey colour.
Pink Darling nr. 014, a pastelpink, great for softer looks.
Pure Natural nr. 015, a khakicolour.
Price: 6,99 euros

I'll definately check out the Classic Grey, since Hypnotic Grey is my most used VTEyeliner. I might look at Pure Natural aswell, but I think it's a bit too light for my taste.

Natural Touch Foundation

An amazing light foundation that gives the skin an even and perfect look. So soft and effective with its wonderfull lightweight texture, it's almost invisible on the skin. But it still gives you what you expect from a foundation: a natural and flawless look. The formula contains biological almond oil, Vitamin A and E and lots of other ingredients that are good for the skin. It is coloured with mineral pigments and has an SPF of 8.
This foundation is available in 10 different colours. 
Price: 10,99 euros

The one on the photo is nr 36 Ivory, which I think is a bit to pink/pale for my skin.

Intense Lip Colour

This is a unique combination of a lipstick and a lipgloss. It is similar to a lipstick and it gives an intense and lasting colour dus to the high concentration of colour pigments. At the same time it feels moisturizing and nourishing like a lipgloss. The formula is rich and creamy and it doesn't feel sticky or dry.
It's paraben and preservative free. The packaging is awesome: it has a built-in light and a little mirro on the side.
It's available in 2 pastel colours: nr 301 and nr 302.
Price: 8,49 euros

Too bad there are only 2 colours and they are pastels. I'm not very into pastels. The product sounds amazing and I would love to try it out. I have seen a red on the site, so I'm going to keep my fingers crossed to having the other colours released aswell soon.

Velvet Touch Lipsticks

These lipsticks care for and protect your lips, while giving you a brilliant and shiney look. They have an intense and longlasting colour due to the high concentration of colour pigments. They also have an SPF of 6.
These were already available but Gosh now comes with 2 new colours: Capucciono nr 146 and Shocking Coral nr 145.
Price: 8,49 euros

Also one of my favourite products! I'm not sure if I like these colours, i'll have to take a look at them in real life first.

Lip Gloss

This lipgloss gives shiney  lips with elegant shine and new volume.Keeps the liips soft and well protected. It also contains no perfume.
These were also available already, but now Gosh comes with one new colour:
Apricot nr 84.
Price: 7,49 euros
Nail Lacquer

These nail lacquers are manufactured without the use of DBP Toluene, Formaldehyde, Camphor and Phthalic Acid.  They give excellent coverage and  an extra glossy finish. They dry quicly and have a very hugh durability.
Gosh now comes with 2 new colours: Miss Minty nr 597 and Miss Mole nr 597.
Price: 6,99 euros
I'm not really into pastels, so they don't really appeal to me. But I'll be posting a review of Miss Minty soon, because a lot of people really like this colour.

These products will be available at Kruidvat at the end of November.

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