Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fashion Haul: lots of leather, peacockfeathers and bugs!

This one is going to be a bit longer than usual...I've added some things that I've bought last month aswell.

Last Sunday, we went shopping, because all the stores were open for once and on most saturdays I have to work. We bought lots of kewl stuff for small amounts of money, which is always fun!

This awesome jacket/bolero was priced at 25 euros and had another 50% discount, so it was only 12,50 euros! At the cashregistry, the salesguy told me, this was a real bargain, it used to be over 200 euros! That's when I discovered that this is made from REAL sheepsleather.*gasp*

These are also made from real leather and also had a 50% discount! I love long gloves, hubs loves them even more, so this was a real bargain. :)

Then we went to get me some new black fluffy houseshoes(what is the correct name for sloffen anyway?). I couldn't find the right ones and we ended up buying these:
The lining is a fluffy fabric, which is really warm, and they are really comfy. The sole is also very sturdy so maybe this time I can wear them more than just one season....I tend to wear them to shreds..

Then we saw this awesome jewelry collection that consisted out if bugs! They were really pretty, all filled with big facetted stones and lots of detail. I couldn't go home without some.
The one on the right is a set of pins attached with chains. Ideal to pimp some basic clothing into something special! The long earrings were especially nice because they are really light...I don't like heavy earrings.
And the hairpins..well..let's just say I thought they were funny :) I saw lots of other awesome things, but I took the most wearable items for me. I can't wear long necklaces to work, because I would get stuck on clothing hangers, and the big rings were a no-no aswell. Shame though, because they were AWESOME. Still, I have enough jewelry, and these are kewl and different.

We also went to the new alto/goth/hippie/gala/skate store, which is sort of like an outlet with lots of different brands. We both love it though. This is what I bought this time:

I already have something like this in black, but in red, it looks totally different. It was also on sale, so :P

We also bought a pair of Overzeas pants for Merlijn for only 5 euros, Sid bought a pair or Vans sneakers for only 15 euros and he got some kewl Tshirts, one of them has Yoda on it :)

Last time we went(last month), we bought 3 pair of Overzeas pants for Sid for only 12,95 a piece! and some longsleeves for only 1,50 euros. Seriously! They also sell things that are normally priced though, like jackets and corsets and such. And. that time..I also bought this long halter-lowback-dress:

I know summer is gone, but this, I couldn't resist....the colours are much more vivid in real life.

And some other things I bought last month:

A short fake leather skirt with little studs, fake leather overknee boots, which are as usual too short for my legs and come up to my knees. Still, they are long and without the high heels my other boots have, I can walk longer on them. And they fit over my skinny jeans!

I also bought a very kewl grey shirt with an owl print, but that one's in the washer, and a black denim look tregging. Which I finally found a purpose for: because treggings have an elastic band, they don't have a button or zipper that gives you a bump in your longshirt/short dress. And if you have a JLo back as I do, it doesn't matter if they are a bit too short at the back, because the back just looks like a skinny jeans :)

Working at a clothingstore and getting a discount is lots of fun! hahaha


  1. Nice! Voor sloffen/pantoffels gebruiken ze in Engeland het woord 'slippers' (onze slippers heten daar flipflops) maar ik vind het wel een beetje raar om deze "laarzen" slippers te noemen, hihi.
    En die zomer-pauwenjurk: ik combineer zomerjurkjes heel vaak met een lang warm vest en een -dikke- legging en laarzen in de winter.

  2. Mooie aankopen zeg, ik vind ze allemaal super (vooral de (nep)leren dingen en de pauwenjurk)!

    Werk je trouwens niet meer bij Lush nu?

  3. Oh die middelste oorbellen zijn leeeuk!

  4. @meyke, oh ik ook hoor, maar deze kleuren vind ik ff iets te zomers voor in de winter :)

    @freya, jawel hoor, ik doe allebei :)

    @arantxa: en ze zijn superlicht! Draagt echt lekker :)