Friday, October 29, 2010

Brazilian National Brands X International Brands

Hello again OhMyGosh Readers :)

I have been asked what is the difference between Brazilian makeup and foreign; also, if use differs too.

Well, yes and no. Yes national makeup is different than foreign but the use is still the same. Foundation will always be foundation, and lipstick will always be lipstick.

I read somewhere that lipstick is the most sold cosmetic item in the country and that makes absolute sense. It is the most user friendly makeup item and it comes in a variety of different colors. The brand I’m most acquainted with, Natura, I can personally say I never tried better lipsticks. That including MAC, NYX, Clinique and many others. They are creamy, long lasting and do not run easily on the mouth’s creases. For lip gloss, I usually buy NYX, Natura or Avon. They are cheap and extremely moisturizing. My lips chap even during rain season, so I always have lipbalm and lip gloss with me.

 There are some Brazilian brands like Natura, Contém 1g and Tracta which make very good products but I seldom buy them. The thing is. Due to this country mix of several races, skin tomes range from dark chocolate to pale milk and EVERY color in between; but mostly are warm pinkish tones, the cooler and neutral tones are rarer. Most of the national brands make only a limited range of colors (I know, HUGE paradox) and finding your color can be extremely hard. Especially if you are pale.  

But they do, however, make very good mascaras, eyeliners and makeup removers. Natura eyeliners are very good and are longlasting. Not as longlasting as gel liners, which can last on my waterline for a whole night without smudging. Contém 1g has one of the lightest and deep cleanzing makeup removers I’ve ever seen, you shake it and voilá. Tracta has good lipsticks but lacks colors, particularly trendier colors. 

I say, it doesn’t make much difference, when you are having a very hot day (35ºC+) NOTHING will stick on your skin. Eyeshadow will crease and by the end of the day, there will be no more foundation left on you.  

It is almost impossible to find makeup without SPF and the texture of eye shadows are usually the same. The good thing about national brands is just the price. All these national brands have very little color payoff, and that is the main reason why I don’t like to buy eyeshadow from them. I do love Natura’s skincare line, soaps and perfumes, they are fabulous.

So, I choose to take care of my skin so I won’t need to wear foundation/concealer, even tho sometimes is impossible not to. I have extremely oily skin and in this tropical weather, everyday is a battle.

*This blog comes from a person with oily skin and complete lack of patience to do her makeup every day. Some may disagree and I do welcome your POV. :) Leave your comment below!


>>> Stay tuned for my Halloween Look, I’ll post it on this Saturday :) 


  1. I imagine it would be really difficult to make you make-up last in hot weather.
    Wet weather is also difficult.
    Because I live in the Netherlands I usually wear waterproof mascara and have to make sure not to wear eye shadow when it could rain or wear a waterproof eye shadow base (GOSH) to make it waterproof.
    It is also diffiuclt to wear eye liner, concealer, foundation, poder, blush, bronzer,etc. because the rain makes it sticky and washes it off.

    Can't wait for your halloween look :D.

  2. :)

    Rain season is the worse. Don't get me wrong, I'm freakishly in love with rain, but it makes managing makeup and hair impossible.

    I'll have to try the gosh base. If it can survive rain, maybe I can try and see if it survives the heat.

    I like mattifying gels to help the makeup to stay on. I have a very good one from Helena Rubinstein that has lasted for ages.

    I just posted my Halloween look. I hope you like it :)