Friday, September 24, 2010

Review & Swatches : My first OCC Liptar Experience

Iv'e read a lot of good things about OCC Liptars, so I really wanted to try them out.

This is the colour Vintage, a darker red, which I totally adore. Application is fairly simple, it's pretty thin and I used a lipbrush to applyYou don't need a lot and it feels really good on my lips. Not sticky, you can't really tell your wearing it, like with other glosses or lipsticks. It doesn't have a weird taste or smell either.

I've read that these could stain your lips a bit, but normal lipsticks a;ready stain mine, so that didn't stop me from trying out the dark red. They didn't even dry out my lips, like I had expected. They did feel a bit more dry after a few hours though.

I've read that they tend to bleed when you use to much. So I used the smallest amount possible. This might also be the reason why the liptar didn't have a great durability on my lips.
This is what my lips looked like, just a few hours later, after eating dinner:

Not a great sight, huh? This does look a bit worse than it really was though, check out the full-face-pics at the bottom.

I'm not sure why this happened, maybe I used too little? Maybe I need Mac lip prep+prime underneath, like I do with other lipsticks? I dunno. But I am going to try again, because I seriously love this colour.
And after reading so many great reviews on them, I really want them to give me the same experience.
I'll let you know if next ime is any better.


  1. hm I have been wanting to try theseee :(!!