Friday, September 10, 2010

Promakeupstore Haul, Birthday Haul 2

As I've said before, I've gotten a lot of money for my birthday, so I decided to spend it all on things I wanted to try out.

On tuesday, I placed an order at promakeupstore, and on thursday, the package already arrived!
What did I order? See for yourself:

A freestyle Yaby palette, which has a mirror on the inside of the lid and is magnetized on the inside:
This palette costs 12 euros and because it's freestyle you can place anything you want in it. I know the Z-palettes have been hyped, but this one looked more solid to me, and was cheaper aswell :)

Some little(15,5 mm) empty pans, so I can press some of my pigments without having to use half a bottle of them:
These were only 2,65 euros for 8 of them.

A Yaby Pearly Paint eyeshadow, recommended to me by Linda:

It's the same size as the empty pans, and it costs 2,80 euros. This colour is Psychadelic caterpillar. It's a very nice shimmery green, swatches will follow.

And an OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) Liptar:
This one costs 10,75 euros, it's the colour Vintage a dark red.

I seriously thought these liptars would be much bigger, maybe because I have a concussion, or maybe because I'm a natural blonde.... But seriously, I had always thought they would be like the paint tubes my husband uses for his paintings. It's because they look so much like them, and most blogs don't have anything besides the liptar so you can see it's size.

Well, it's a little bit smaller than a Gosh lipstick:
But you shouldn't really need much and it stays in place like no other, so I guess it's still worth the money. I mean, lots of lipsticks are around 10 euros aswell.

I'll post reviews as soon as I have them :)


  1. Wat een leuk palette! Ideaal om wat Gosh effect powders te pressen lijkt me.

    En je hebt eindelijk de liptar die je zo graag wilde :D Leuk!

  2. ja deze kleine pans leken me wel handig om wat dingen uit te proberen, zonder gelijk n halve pot effectpowder/pigment verloren te laten gaan.
    Heb al wat Mac blue brown pigment gepressed :)

  3. Wat een leuke aankopen!
    Waarmee heb je gepressed? Met wat voor vloeistof?

  4. met 90% alcohol, gewoon bij de Etos gehaald :)