Saturday, September 4, 2010

Personal Update

So I've been to work yesterday, and they made me sit on a crate for 4 hours. LOL.
I was getting paid for that aswell. *shakes her head*

I love my collegues, but everytime I wanted to do something they made me sit on the crate again. I felt guilty for making money that way, but my collegues told me I had to take my rest. I'm not allowed to work the registry either, so I'm just there for..well..being the 2nd person in the store.

Oh well, at least nothing weird happened, and I didn't feel to bad. I felt a bit dizzy and light in my head, so sitting was pretty good. I'll see what happens this weekend, and if I'm able to work on monday. They told me to call if I wasn't up for it. But I really just want to go.
Sitting at home isn't really good for me, because then I start going round and round in my head with lots of things..and thats not very helpfull to the brain.

Anyway, I'm still standing, sorta, and hopefully, I'll start feeling better soon. I just have to take my rest and not stare at a computer for too long.

I promiss there will be a makeup related blog for you on monday, an notd of a dupe for Zoya Charla, so be sure to check that out :)

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