Friday, September 17, 2010

NOTD: PurpleBlue

This NOTD was made with a 2True polish I took from the Goodiebox. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a name or number on it, so I can't identify it for you.

When you first apply a first thin coat, you get a purple base, with a blue shimmer in it.

Then, when you apply a second, thicker coat, it turns into a blue shimmery polish.

You can still see a tiny hint of the purple base, but not much. Too bad, otherwise it could have been a great duochrome. Still, it's a nice colour polish.

Ans you can always apply a thin layer, so you'll notice the purple more. But, with one thin layer it gets tear and wear on your tips. With 2 coats, it has a much better durability.

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