Monday, September 13, 2010

NOTD: Claire's Mood Polish, Funky/Fabulous

I seriously thought I had already posted this, but the realized, I hadn't. OOPS!
So this is an older NOTD, but I'm still showing it, because it's not likely I'll wear this polish in the near future.

As you can see, the polish in the bottle seems a very normal pink, baby pink. I hand't used it, because I usually wear darker colours.
But I got this from the lovely Ally, so I decided to try it out.

Boy, was I surprised!

As you can see, the polish is nothing like a baby pink, it's more like a neon coral colour.

The difference in colour was a bit hard to catch on cam, so I dipped my fingers in some cold water for you guys. This pioish dries SUPERfast, and is best worn with 2 coats or more. It also appears to be a very matte polish. Not like the hype, but still, not very shiney either.

This polish stayed on pretty good, after a few days it started chipping. And when it starts chipping it will keep on going. I haven't worn it with a topcoat(I'm not a big fan of those, usually they give me faster chipping), so that might help some people against the chipping. I liked the Wild/Calm polish a lot more. Longer wear without chipping and I liked the colours better.

All in all it's a great polish, but the colours just don't really suit me. It was a bit too bright for my taste. But, they might come in handy on special occassions, you never know :)


  1. This colour looks very pretty, but I think I'd never wear it, it'd be much too bright for me as well :)
    It seems a bit sheer in the last picture, or is that the colour changing thing going on there?

  2. That's the colour change, best picture I could make of it. :)