Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Lush store & new Retro products

Lush will be opening a new store at the Hoogstraat 187 in Rotterdam, time for a special party!

On september 17th they will be celebrating the opening of the new store!

There will be a special openingsact, and for the first 50 customers who spend 30 euros or more, there will be a beautifull present. Also...they will be launching their new perfumes!
Most of you will know Karma, Vanillary and Tuca Tuca, and on this special day, there will be 4 new perfumes to explore.

Don't miss out on this special part and put september 17th in your agenda!

New Retro products in the Lush webshop.

It's yellow-brown, smell s of bananas and is quite disgacefully addictive.Once you start to wash with it, you'll be drawn back time after time. You'll deliberately get your hands dirty so you can sneak into the bathroom and use it just once more. Quite often, banana soaps just have synthetic banana fragrance. We use fresh, organic bananas because they are a brilliant emollient, and we add yoghurt because it's good for your skin. Now you see why it's so difficult to give up.Only available through mailorder: 5,25 euros.

Smells so wicked it must be good for you.Skin Sin started life as a very worth bodylotion, all pure herbal German chamomile care-giving marigolds. You could imagine it singing ‘The Hills are alive!” and devoting itself to looking after unruly children. This wasn’t quite right so Mark corrupted it with a sinfully fruity cherry scent which takes over just as its lovely ingredients start to make your skin feel sinfully strokeable.. Only through mailorder, 17,95 euro

Uluru Ballistic was inspired by photographs of sunset over Ayers rock in Australia, sent home by Simon Constantine. Its fragrance was created by his dad, Mark, with authentic Australian essential oils, even though the Ballistics are actually manufactured in Poole, England. Rosewood oil is said to uplift and enliven the mind; there's refreshing lemon myrtle, sublimely calming sandalwood and reviving orange oil. Despite its appearance, you can use it in the morning, too, and any time you need reassurance that the sun will set.
Only available through mailorder. 5,25 euros.

I've just recieved an update on the new perfumes, so I'll be posting about those on saturday!

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