Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kruidvat Haul (Gosh 1 + 1)

So yesterday I went to Kruidvat, to pick up a new Gosh mascara and Soft N Shine. On the way I decided I might want to buy the Lip base they created recently, but unfortunately, it wasn't in stock :( Being a person with extreme dry lips but with a tendency for bold lipstick, I'm always seraching for a good lipbase, so I was kind of dissapointed not being able to try it out.

Since I haven't been at Kruidvat in ages(I work store hours now), the whole store was new to me: they ahd rearranged -everything-.
So on my way to the makeup, I came across the bodylotions and bodyscrubs. I'm always in for a good bodyscrub(I love the lemon scrub from Kruidvat) and this seemed nice. Also, I seriously need to use bodylotion, but I always seem to forget. This one says to nurture the skin and to soak up fast. So that seemed perfect :)

Then I went to the makeup and I panicked: where was the Essence makeup? They had rearranged the makeup and Essence was now on the far left instead of the far right. Since I like using and trying out Essence stuff, I was really glad it was still there.
I saw A LOT of NEW essence stuff, including: nailpolishes, mascaras, blushes(the multiple ones were too bold looking for me), lipsticks, nail stamping polishes, fast drying nail art drops, eyeshadow quattros, smokey eyes palettes(with purple!), baked eyeshadows, and so on.
Unfortunately, they didn't have the new stam;ingplates yet.

Anyway, these polishes were the ones I bought:
Glisten Up! A light blue with flakies!! and shimmers. I had seen this on a blog months ago, so I was really excited to find it here.
Choose Me! A beautigfull dark green(I'm sucker for those! with gold shimmer in it, I already love it.
Hopefully these two will apply(and dry) better than other Colour&Go polishes: I 'm not a big fan of these. I -do- love the multidimension polishes though, they are awesome.
And lastly: a black stamping polish. I already own one by Konad, but I'd love to see if this one does the trick aswell.

Then I spotted the baked eyeshadows, I think there were 6 different colours. No green or purple though :( The other ones were copper, blue..and..don't remember, sorry.

Pretty Rockin' , Fabulous, Bling Bling

I thought I'd just try the white one as a highlighter, but then I spotted a tester drawer somewhere behind some stuff. So after rearranging it, I teste the brown and black one and LOVED the efect. It doesn't give just a darker/lighter colour depending on how it's baked, it really gives a black with a visible silver shimmer in it and a brown with a visible gold shimmer. If they stay good on my eye, I will definately love those!

Then I saw that the Pure & Nature line had a discount, and since I've been using the day, night and eyecream regularly, I bought another nightcream, sicne that one's been going fast lately.
I also bought the Catrice allround concealer because I;ve read so much about it, it was finally time to try it out.
The mascara is a PURPLE one, and also new by Essence. I'm curious to see if it will be visible, because most mascaras I've tried weren't really visibly coloured.

And then, the things I came for:

My fav mascara, and my fav soft n shine(the soft touch.)

I also bought some art supplies for my beloved, but  didn't photograph those.


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  1. Wat heb je een hoop leuke dingen gekocht :) Ik word er helemaal hebberig van ;)

    (Die Natures producten zijn fijn!!)

  2. Leuke producten!
    Ben erg benieuwd naar je bevindingen met die zwarte stamping-polish, als hij fijn werkt ga ik hem ook halen :)