Monday, September 20, 2010

I've won a prize at Lovethatmakeup!

A while ago, Love that makeup had a contest where you had to tell what your best cosmetic was.

My entry:
The Best Cosmetic is....... to smile!
Smiling lifts the face, which makes you look younger, it makes you look more attractive aswell. Smiling releases endorphines, it's a natural drug. It releaves stress, lowers your bloodpressure and boosts your immunesystem.
So smiling is seriously good for your health, and when your healthy, your skin has that radiant glow that everybody searches for. There's no better cosmetic out there!

And I got an email that I won 3 Benefit eyeshadows! I've never had any products by benefit, so that was really exciting! Last week, I recieved my prize:

Two Velvet Eyeshadows and one Lust Duster.

Bikini line: A soft golden coloured eyeshadow.
Dandy Brandy: A coppery brown eyeshadow.
Nugget: a light golden/nude shimmery loose powder for eyes and face.

Swatches indoors, on my skin WITHOUT a base:

I think these are great to make a neutral and soft look. Something I don't normally wear, but seeing these, I'm getting excited to do anyway.
There isn't a store nearby which sells Benefit, so I've never used anyproducts of this brand. But the packaging looks pretty and the products feels very nice on the skin. They are pretty pigmented aswell, I'm sure a base gives them even more colour. :)


  1. Congrats and I love your answer. No wonder you won.

  2. Gefeliciteerd met je prijzen! Ik ben nog niet bekend met Benefit oogschaduw maar nu ik deze mooie swatches zie, begint het toch te kriebelen ;-)

  3. Ah wat een leuke blogpost :D! En bedankt voor het linken he! De kleuren zijn echt prachtig.

    Liefs Teddy