Tuesday, September 7, 2010

EOTD: Shimmery Neutral

I don't wear a lot of neutral colours, but some of you have asked for some, so here goes. For me, this is a really neutral look.
This eotd was made with the Sleek Storm palette, so it's a shimmery neutral eotd.

I used the golden, mustardgolden(?) and brown colours from the palette, aswell as a highlight colour.

Below my eyes, I used 2 kajal eyeliners by Essence. A metallic copperybrown and a darkbrown colour. I can look them up, if anyone is interested in their names. Right now, it's better for me to stay sitting down. :P

I'm sorry I don't have more pics, but flashing a cam in my eyes ( bright light! bright light!) is not very good for my concussion.  I'm staying home from work, because my concussion was beating me down, and I really could not do anything worhtwhile yesterday or today. Standing is not a real option, and being behind the pc costs a lot of energy aswell. Even if I'm lying down whil I do it. Still, I'll try to keep posting :)

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