Monday, August 23, 2010

Face of the Day: Acute Allergy, What does it look like?

On wednesday, when I had the allergy attack, I made some pics. They aren't really good, because the flash made everything seem much more normal and paler than it was in real life. Still, I think I should share. If you ever see these things on your face: make sure to get away from sunlight and call a doc! You will need antihistamine to fight this.

Okay, so this is the left side of my face, right after we noticed the red flecks appearing. I immediately went inside, otherwise it could have been much, much worse. Last year, my whole face looked like that, blisters all over. My eyebrow was really starting to thicken and to swell, you might be able to see the red lumps there. See that lump below my eyes? Well, In reall life it was fire red on the sides and the middle was white, it was a blister, straining against my skin, and itching like hell. It really burned. The red on the pic was in real life flaming red, and it felt like that aswell. Also, notice the neckline, flecks were staring to apear there aswell, also on my upperarms.

My forehead, was totally red, and burned like I had put it onto the stove. I couldn't get a good picture of it, but this is where it started showing. They turned bigger and more firered after I took the anithistamine, because my body was fighting it. You can also see a lump on the left side next to my nose, that one was really big and really really red, and itching.

This is the right side of my face, it had red lumps and red flecks all over. It's really weird to see this pic and know it looked a lot worse. The lump on my nose just looks like a red fleck here. Also my neck and upperarms. In the neck area I got a blister that was 4 or 5 cm long. gawd it burned!

Ugh, I'm really annoyed at these pictures, I really couldn't get the right lighting, and I didn't dare using sunlight, because it could have made the reaction really violent(like last yr). Anyway, just imagine my face red, with flamingred spots, lumps and blisters. The flash just made everything really pale, which I certainly wasn't.

Today, I'm feeling a lot better.(I'm writing this on sunday). Yesterday at work I saw some red flecks appearing on my right jawline.My face also itched all day, luckely my collegue kept me from scratching. I wasn't sure if it still was the allergy or my skin just being oversensitive. Just to make sure it was all gone: I washed my face when I got home, aswell as my hair. So I was sure there wasn't anything weird touching my skin. And then I took one last pill. It didn't burn like the times before, so I think there wasn't much left to fight. I did get really tired again, and today I have a mild headache. But that's normal. My skin is feeling pretty okay, but will probably be sensitive for a while.
I'm trying not to use much on my skin, just to let it become normal again. So I will have to be creative with blogs for a couple of days. I still have some castlefest pics to show you, and mb some fashion hauls, I'll keep you entertained. :) (Ive also got some exciting news coming up...can you say giveaway? ;) )


  1. Ouch, ja, allergische reacties zijn zwaar k*t :/ Gelukkig heb je gelijk actie ondernomen!

    Heb het zelf ook regelmatig, urticaria (zoals jij hebt op de foto), eczeem, angio-oedeem. Heel rot :/

  2. Yikes! Do you know what triggered it? I know my boss has that reaction to many different types of foods. Hopefully your docs can find out.

    I'm so sorry and am glad you are doing better. Best wishes!

  3. I know exactly how this feels.... had this happen to me once or twice.... not fun!

  4. Aaah dat ziet er echt niet fijn uit nee om het maar even netjes uit te drukken. Ik hoop dat het snel weer helemaal over is! :O

  5. Ziet er zo pijnlijk uit.. ik heb mijn deeltje allergische reacties ook al gehad.

    Btw, you have been tagged!

  6. Gosh.. I hope your ok!
    that looks soo painful :/

  7. Hey all, im doing okay now, just fighting with some sideeffects from the antihistamine. Skin is looking pretty okay again, it's just really sensitive.

    I'll do my best to keep you entertained on here untill I think it's safe to test and swatch stuff again.

  8. Shampoo can do this...

  9. What did you mean fighting side effects what kind of side effects?