Thursday, August 12, 2010

EOTD: my Castlefest Makeup

This is the makeup I used for my eyes:
  • Gosh effect powder Aquatic
  • Gosh effect powder Apple Jam
  • Gosh effect powder Grape
  • Barry M Glitterdust, no 24 
  • Gosh effect powder Gold Dust
  • Gosh velvet touch eyeliner Golden Moss
  • Hema eyeshadowbase
  • Hema waterprood liquid eyeliner

I started with the eyeshadowbase all over my eyelid. Then I applied some Apple Jam in the inner eyecorners. Next to it and over the rest of the eyelid, I applied Aquatic.

Then I applied some Grape into the crease for some extra colour. Above the crease I applied the glitterdust. Golden Dust was used as a highlighter below the eyebrows.
For the extra feather effect, I made some lines with the Golden Moss.

Then I took the liquid eyeliner and made a liner above my lashes, and ended in a long wing. I made anothe rline below my eyes and left a gap in the inner eyecorner.

I didn't really have time for a test run on the makeup, so this is what I came up with at 7 in the morning and I think it worked well enough. I'll post some pics of the outfit and things we bought soon..

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