Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Castlefest Haul

Ofcourse we bought some things at Castlefest, and 2 of them were on my wishlist.
I've had this Art wintercoat for about 7 years now, and the wool really is starting to look poor. I loved my coast(still do), but it's time for a new one. The one I had was black, with some lacing at the back and on the upperarms. It was a longcoat and was a bit rounded in the front. I really wanted something like it, a long one(for it can be cold wearing short skirts in winter) and something ''different''. I also wanted quality, so my mind was on Art again. They don't sell it here, so I had to wait for Castlefest to come.

We just made it into the festivalterrain when I spotted the Art store, so I went to look at wintercoats. And I found one! I'm still nog totally sure about the frock in front, but the rest: I LOVE!
It's a very heavy coat, and it contains about 5+ meters of wool.

I know it looks a bit too wide, but that's because I'm wearing something thin underneath. I like to layer in winter, so it should be a little too wide right now. Still, it is a Small.

The bottom is a full cirkle!

About 2 steps further was a Mead and More store, where we immediately bought 4 litre bottles of wild rose mead. It's the one that's always sold out, and Sid's favourite. So yeah, just a few steps onto the terrain and we spend a LOT of money, hahahha.

Then I found the next thing on my wishlist: Camees with a skeleton lady! (As seen on Etsy)

These were also the last ones and I'm super happy with them! (They remind me of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies) The one on the bottom is a spare one for the one I already have. I wear it so much, I wanted an extra one. These things cost next to nothing at Poppenkraal, so I bought it aswell. ( I think it was about 12 euros orso for all 3 including the necklace.)

The claddagh was from a different store, but I still love it. I already have a claddagh pendant, bought form a scottish store, but that one's in a totally different design. That one's a waterdrop shape with lingarms and a black little heart. This looks more traditional. It wasn't my intention to buy it, but everytime we went by the store, it was looking right at me. I couldn't resist in the end. I was only 7 euros anyway.
At the same stand, we bought a leather bracelet for Merlijn, with celtic wolves engraved in it, he loved it :)

Then my eyes were drawn to his pretty big (a handfull) doublesides pockermirror.
I don't think I need to tell you again how much I like peacocks and their feathers. Since I was in a peacock costume aswell, I couldn't resist. It was 5 euros.

This top was on sale at the Succubus store, and I couldn't resist. I already have a dress from this range in the same fabric. But I LOVE haltertops and this one was just too cute.

Sid looked at some New Rocks boots, but it wasn't quite what he was looking for, so in the end we didn't buy any. He did buy a sword though. One that we actually both liked. He's more into the simple ''usable'' swords, and I'm more into the decorative swords. Cause well, it'll hang on the wall anyway and I want something nice to look at. This one was a bit special aswell, the hilt is changeable. The sides can be moved to a straight hilt.

We also bought lots of amazing food, Castlefest is one of the festivals with the best food out there. It's made in real stone ovens right in front of you, or cooked above a fire on big pans hanging from chains, etc.
The music was also really good, we even saw people dressed up as fruit stagediving...that was a first!


  1. Die kettingen heb ik laatst ergens op internet gezien via een blog ofzo...wat gaaf dat je die ook gewoon in NLD kan kopen. En je zijn de plooien aan de voorkant wat druk, maar de totale jas is waanzinnig en hij staat je prachtig.

  2. Waaaaw!!! Wat een prachtige jas!!

  3. @polishes, ja ik had ze dus op etsy gespot, en heb geen credicard. Dus was erg blij dat ik ze hier zag liggen :)
    Die plooien vind ik zelf ook n btje much....mmaar dat is mb ff wennen. En thanx :)

    @monstertje: kijk eens bij de poppenkraal(online), daar haal ik ze altijd.

    @beate, dank je :) ART heeft altijd erg gave aparte jassen.