Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Castlefest Costume pics and some sad news

Let's start with the sad news...
Last saturday when my skin was itching and flaming again, I took another antihistamine. In the middle of making dinner, my beloved called me. He was at his parents house and his father just got home from work. His father heard some disturbing news on the radio and that's why Sid called me.
Apparantly, my the store I worked at in my hometown, the store where my mom still works, for over 15 years now, was on fire.
Ofcourse, having the week I was having, my internet refused to work and I couldn't get any information. I called my parents though, who just got home from the fire.
The weirdest part? My mom had to work that day, and she got to go home early, because my dad had a day off. She could have been there when it happened, and something bad could have happened.
Anyway, this is what I heard:
Somewhere in the afternoon, smoke came out of the ceiling of the store. They immediately made sure all customers went outside. Not long after that the ceiling collapsed. The store burned. Now, there is a store next door, which belongs to the same building, aswell as an appartment. The store next door is lost aswell, and the appartment was still burning when I called my parents. My mom is pretty shaken, which I can understand.
I have no idea what will happen now, hopefully the insurance will cover everything. I feel really bad for my old boss, for the people of the store next door( I worked next to them for years), and also for the people who owned the appartment. Also, the previous store owners(who were boss to my mom then, I did some stocktakes for them aswell), had just gone on a vacation. I feel really bad for them.
Luckely noone was harmed, but when I saw the pics on Omroep Brabant, I was pretty shocked. Especially when I saw the vid that was high can those flames reach? I mean, look at the old churchtower and then those flames?? And 8 other firedepartments had to help? For one building? That's pretty scary.
I can't even begin to imagine my howetown without the store. :(

Onto some happier things...
Here are I am with my beloved at Castlefest, in the shorter peacock costume I made:
The back of the skirt is a bustle which is pleated. Every pleat(?) has one big peacockfeather on it. Considering the amount of time I had(alomst none) I think it turned out pretty good. The bolero has the same silver fastening clip as the previous(long sleeved) bolero, but with the wings I decided to unclasp them, sometimes I just don't want anything tight around my neck. :)

I didn't really made any pics this time, I was busy shopping :P
I did find some pics online though...

Here I was looking at some costumes in the distance, and then..I was blinded by a flashlight:
Don;t you just love those stone mugs? They keep your drink really cool. :)
And on that note, I totally adore the ways they prepare food on Castlefest, especially this way:

Steak, Salmon, potatoes, you name was alllllll goooooood :)

And then I found this one, which I think is a pretty nice picture :)


  1. FINALLY!!!! Ik wachtte op die outfit foto sinds je hebt gepost dat je zou gaan. Lijkt me geweldig, CastleFest. Je zag er prachtig uit, die laatste foto is erg leuk..

    Het verhaal van die brand had ik al eerder meegekregen (twitter/forum?). My GOD.. shocking!! Sterkte voor alle geschrokkenen en gedupeerden.

  2. awww thanx :)
    Mja ik ga strax mn moeder nog eens bellen, kijken of ze al wat rustiger is.

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  4. Oh.My.Gosh. I adore your dress!!!!!!!

  5. Je outfit is echt heel mooi! Staat je super :-)

  6. Wat triest om te horen!

    Dat kleed is echt super en je staat er zo mooi mee :)

  7. @beda, thank you!

    @agnetha, dank je wel :)

    @hanne, ja t is echt allemaal heel sneu.
    En dank je wel :)