Saturday, July 24, 2010

Today is our second weddinganniversary!

Exactly 2 years ago at 13:45, me and my beloved got married at the old townhouse in Alkmaar.
It was the best day ever, even the weather turned out fantastic after days of cold and rain.

Today, me and my beloved will be spending with my parents, who we have invited to have dinner at the scottish restaurant the Hielander. This is the restaurant where Sidney proposed to me and we have dinner there every year. Once on our engagement day and once on our weddingday. Or sometimes just on our normal anniversary...yeah we love that restaurant :)

Today, I'm also going to bore you with some wedding pics, so if you don't want to see those, now would be the time to go and do something else. :)

Here's my beloved picking me up at our house:
*smiles* I love this pic, It almost looks like a picture from a different era :)

Me and my parents at the old townhouse:

And here I'm telling my beloved, I'll probably trip when I have to climb the stairs with my long skirts and platform heels:
The townhouse is in the middle of a big shoppingstreet, and we really caught everyones attention. Even tourists stopped to take pictures.

Three generations:

Climbing the stairs, I didn't even trip! :)

My dad giving me away:

Saying the 'I do's'':
I was a little too excited, so I already said 'yes' when the speech wasn't finished, and just had a little pause. Oops! Hahha, we had quite a few laughs that day, it was so warm and so us.

First kiss as husband and wife:

The rings:

Making it official:

Leaving the townhouse as husband and wife, surrounded by friends and family:

 Some random official wedding pics. We didn't take much because the sun was making it difficult to photograph(the ones with the awesome oldtimer car were all too shiny), and it was soooooooooo hot!:

On a lovely rose bench in the park at the back of our house, in a little herbal garden. In the front of us there's a really big pentacle/pentagram layed in the stones.

Look at my garter hun, it's black/red aswell! ;)

This is the pic our parents and grandparents all have hanging on their wall.

Sid, checking me out, hahaha.

Our amazing weddingcake, made by my wonderfull collegue Mariska, to match our dragon weddingpair on top. And the yummiest cupcakes ever for our guests(there were a lot more than just those 2 boxes on the pic ;)  ):
It was a chocolate cake filled with chocolate and lots of nuts, it was sooooooooo yummy!

My selfmade bouquet, with little skulls inside of the roses and surrounded by black feathers. The stems had black lace wrapped around them:
They really sufferend from the heat, and they look a lot brighter here. They were the darkest red roses they had and really velvetty. Love them :)
I also made black fake roses with pieces of lace and ribbon for all the cars that were going to follow the wedding car. I don't have a pic of those though.

The selfmade weddinggifts:
These are Lush Amazonian massagebars, melted into little hearts. Each gift held 2 and a little thank you card.

If you aren't bored with this spam of pics by now, you can find more wedding pics here. There you can also see our 'unusual' first dance. *grins*

And for those of you who might think I made the weddingdress myself: nope. I did make a design and was going to let someone else make it. But then, me and my parents and sid went to some bridalshops just for fun and well, I fell in love with this dress, which looked a lot like my design. My parents gave me the dress which was really really really nice of them, because weddingdresses tend to be really expensive. We all thought this one would be a lot more expensive though, but still, it's not an amount I would have spend easily. I didn't want to make it myself, because it would be too stressfull and I already had to arrange so many other things. I did make Sids jacket together with my mother in law, and I made Sids cravatte, gilet and my lace bolero.

So there you go, our wedding in a spam..uh nutshell :)


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    I love the photos. :)

  2. Gefeliciteerd! :D Heel veel plezier vandaag! Superleuke foto's ook! Ik vind je schoenen ook echt fantastisch. :O

  3. Heerlijk om dit verhaal weer te lezen (ken het natuurlijk al van het nl nw forum) en leuk om die foto's weer te zien :)
    het leek alleen veel korter dan 2 jaar!
    Veel plezier vandaag en natuurlijk gefeliciteerd!

  4. Waaaw :D Zo'n originele trouw! De taart :D OMG zo leuk gevonden allemaal!

  5. Ahw wauw ik kwam toevallig op deze site! Ben je in Alkmaar getrouwd? Ik heb daar gewoond, nu in Den Helder. Jammer dat ik je fotograaf niet was :( Jullie zagen er prachtig uit!!


  6. awww I've seen your wedding photos before and I've seen these again and I'm still amazed. It was wonderful! Belated happy anniv Syd and Janny!

    HUGS you both!

  7. Thanx everyone ! :)

    @jessica, ja in t gemeentehuis midden in de stad. :)