Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sleek Haul

When Sarah got my first Sleek palette, I've used it a lot. Because I really loved it, I decided to buy 2 others from my wishlist. I orderd them at alicejohavesentials, I also bought two Pout Polishes, which have been on my wishlist for some time aswell.

I bought the Storm and the Graphite Palette, because they have different shades of brown and gray, which are colours that are easy to use daily. I also like the other colours, like cranberry and purple.

The pigmentation is awesome, and I really like these palettes.

I've also bought a Limited Edition Pout Polish, the Raspberry Souffle, and Perfect Plum.
I absolutely love the colour of Perfect Plum, which still is a bit transparant, and smells like vanilla. It's something between a lipbalm and lipgloss and has an SPF of 15. The raspberry souffle gives a pretty bright pink effect on my lips. I have pretty pale lips so I need a lot of colour.

Do you have any Sleek products? And which do you recommend?


  1. I have their palette in curious and one of their polishes (which I still need to try out) I love the palette though, the colours match my blue eyes well :)I hope to get my hands on Circus, their newest one! (It has a gorgeous blue)

  2. unfortunately there's only one webshop in Nl that sells them, and they dont have all of them, especially nog the limited ones. I hope to be going to London somewhere this year, and get more :)