Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Review & Swatches: Gosh Amazing Length 'N Build Waterproof

I don't really use waterproof mascara, I've tried a lot of them, but they're just not for me...untill now.
I'm the sort of person that wants to seperate her lashes, because I don't have a lot. They are also blonde(but after 15+ years of using mascara the base has turned black hahaha), and therefore my lashes look short and nonexistant without mascara.

Waterproof mascaras come in handy when you go swimming or when it's raining. But all waterproof mascaras that I have used before, were very sticky and made my lashes stick together creating spiderlegs. I don't like spiderlegs much. This was also the reason it took me a while to test the Gosh mascara that came with the Summerlook 2010.

Here's my eye withouth any makeup:

And here it is WITH Gosh the waterproof Amazing Length 'N Build mascara:

That IS amazing, right!!??
No lashes sticking to eachother(well not as much anyway), no clumps, just long black lashes.

What I like a lot about this (and other Gosh) mascara, is the fact that it doesn't harden your lashes, they are still soft to the touch. This means your lashes won't break, BUT it also means(in my case), that they might not curl as much, even with the use of a lashcurler.

Still, this is the BEST waterproof mascara I've tried so far, and I've tried a lot...
I'm not realy sure how waterproof it is though, I havent been in the rain or the pool yet, but it didnt come off with just water, when I removed my makeup, so I guess it's pretty waterproof.


  1. Ik had niet verwacht dat die zo goed zou zijn :D Je wimpers zien er echt netjes gescheiden en zwart uit! 't Is dat ik zo blij ben met Rimmel Sexy Curves, anders zou ik deze ook een kans geven :)

  2. Ik had t ook niet verwacht: ik heb alleen maar vervelende ervaringen met waterproof mascara. Daarom duurde t ook zo lang voor ik hem ging testen ;)