Saturday, July 17, 2010

Review : Kruidvat Rozenwater

Recently, I bought this Rosewater at Kruidvat, because I read somewhere that Rosewater can be very good for your skin. I searched for it at our toko, but they didn't have it. And then I found some at Kruidvat instead.

It comes in a very simple glass bottle and it cost somewhere around 2 euros if I remember correctly.

Because this bottle has a pretty big opening, I put the rosewater in an empty Toner bottle that I had from Lush. This way I can spray some on a cottonpad and it's easier to use.

I like the feel of it on my skin: it feels very refreshing and cool. I use it before I go to bed and when I wake up. With this weather I like to have that fresh feeling on my skin, after I almost melted from my bed.

It cleans pretty good, because I can see what it picks up on the cottonpad. I'm not sure if my skin loves it though. I do have a few irregularities since I started using it, but then again, the weather has changed drastically. It's been really HOT outside and sweat and sunscreen tend to give you irregularities aswell.

I haven't seen any real changes since I started using it, so I guess it's not doing something different than my Lush Toner (eau de Roma), but this one IS a lot less expensive.

So if you're thinking about buying a toner, try this one out!


  1. Ik ben er altijd voor teruggeschrokken dit merk rozenwater te gebruiken, er zitten namelijk enorm veel ingredienten in en zelfs alcohol. Zelf gebruik ik liever rozenwater uit een Turkse of Marokkaanse winkel, die bevatten alleen rozenextract en gedestilleerd water.

  2. Ik heb deze ook een poos gebruikt, maar Eau Roma Water (van Lush idd) werkt toch beter voor me.

  3. @marlique, ik had al zon gevoel dat er alcohol inzit(ik kijk eigenlijk zelden echt naar de ingredienten, maar naar wat t voor me doet). Ik was al bij onze toko langsgeweest, maar die hadden t niet. Die gingen overigens wel voor me kijken of ze er aan konden komen, erg lief :)
    Maar tot nu toe, bevalt deze me nog best goed. :)

    @meyke, ik heb t idee dat die gewoon beter schoonmaakt :)