Friday, July 16, 2010

NOTD: Rimmel Zeitgeist

This one is a golden oldie for me, I had this polish years ago and almost cried when I hit the bottom. A few weeks ago I found it on ebay and got myself 3 (!!!) bottles for about 15 euros incl from someone in the UK.

The polishes are like new(even came in a Rimmel packaging Ive never seen before wrapped around the bottle), and I'm really happy with it.
This polish is a duochrome, Rimmel used to make more of these, but for some reason, they stopped. Bad, bad Rimmel!
Anyway, this polish is REALLY hard to photograph, because it reflects different with flash and lighting.

It's a pinkish aubergine, or a golden coppery colour, with a greenish tinge, depending on the light.

To show you how hard it is to photograph this colour, here are some other pics:

This one was without flash, and in real life it was looking is however similar to the other colour it sometimes has...weird huh?

This one was WITH flash, and it came out PURPLE? It's NEVER this colour irl, even though it's a gorgeous purple btw.

And another one without flash and more you can see the duochrome effect, but still not the real life colour that I was seeing at that moment.

I love this colour, and I'm really happy to have it again. I really want/need more duochromes..maybe I should start searching for the others by Rimmel on ebay....


  1. Geweldige kleur! Wat maf dat hij paars lijkt met flits! :O

  2. Wat een super mooie kleur!
    Grappig dat door de flits hij paars is, er zal dan toch redelijk wat paars in zitten :P

  3. that is fun...i really like the dark purple even though that isn't the color, LMAO

  4. @amber en natascha, raar he? ik ben gek op duochromes, kan er de hele dag naar kijken :)

    @megs, me 2 haha