Tuesday, July 27, 2010

NOTD: Psychedelic BlackOut

This NOTD was made with Rimmel Black Out en White Konad special stampingpolish.

The image isn't stamped straight, because I was in a hurry...
Also they tend to stick a bit to the stamp and then creates folds or loose ends. Oh well, it was the first time I used a whole-nail stamping design, and it came out pretty good.

Because I cut my nails(they were getting to long again), I thought it would be a great oppertunity to try out the whole-nail design stamps, and I love them :)
Too bad they aren't designed for long nails, so I can't use them all the time.

See my cuticle there...those are the hazards of doing my work, hahaha.

And this is my right hand. Not bad for someone who sometimes becoms retarded when she has to use her left hand for something, huh?


  1. effing adorable!!!! LOVE IT!! jealous as usual!! lol <3 ya

  2. Erg leuk! Mooi ook je rechterhand! Mij lukt het echt niet op mijn linker hand (ik ben linkshandig:P), echt vreselijk. :P

  3. @megs, aww i bet you can create even better things if you'd set yout mind to it :)

    @amber, mij meestal ook niet hoor. Ik ben dan ook erg blij met de uitvinder vd wattenstaafjes ;)

    @paula, you use special polish and a special plate with an image engraved into it. That you take the image with a special stamp and put it onto your nail. I might post a How to, if i can find the time to make the pics :)