Friday, July 30, 2010

NOTD: Collistar Nero Lurex

This NOTD was made with the Collistar Nero Lurex.

The polish applies very easy and isn't streaky at all.  It says to be fast drying and longlasting, which is both true. The polish dried pretty fast, and "ive been wearing this polish for 3 days now, with just a bit of wear and tear on my nailedges. Which is pretty normal with my job. I did apply a topcoat because the polish is a bit gritty. If you don't mind gritty, you won't need a topcoat. The polish is very shiny without it.

It's a very nice black polish filled with glitters. The glitters look plain and silver, but when the light catches them, they turn into all kinds of colours. Still, the effect is pretty subtle, not like a dicscoball.

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