Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Makeup Haul, Gosh 1+1, marktplaats, Enchantra

When I saw Suzy's blog about her Gosh 1+1 haul, I couldn't stop myself from buying the Velvet touch eyeliner she bought.
It's exactly the kind of colour that I love, and would go perfectly with lots of colours I own.
So here's what I bought:

Hypnotic Grey, is the one I got for free, It's a lovely colour to use instead of black, it gives a bit of a softer look.
Metallic Brass, a beautifull colour, it's like a black with a golden shine. Thanx for blogging about it Suzy!

Then I bought something at Marktplaats, 3 Gosh Waterproof eyeshadowsticks, for only 5 euros:

Love that Pink!, Love that Coolmint!, Love that Violet!, I like using the waterproofsticks as a base, I already did that before they developed the special eyeshadowbase. I'm curious to see if these can also create an extra effect on colours like the jumbo pencils by NYX.

And because I used one from the goodiebox and LOVED it, I ordered the Konad Nosestrips, at Enchantra:

And because the people of Enchantra are supersweet, they put in an extra package for me to review! So that will be coming soon!

So what did you buy with the 1+1 free bargain?


  1. Metallic Brass is one of my favorite eyeliners in the WORLD. I use it mostly for my lower eyelid beceause it's waterproof and I have hayfever! Great product for everyday use!