Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Makeup and Jewelry gifts for our 2nd weddinganniversary

As you may have read on saturday, we had our 2nd weddinganniversary this year.
Before we went out to dinner with my parents, we went shopping with them.
And my amazing, romantic and supersweet husband bought some things for me that were on my wishlist. :)

This is a Collistar nailpolish called  Nero Lurex 18.  My first experience with Collistar was about 7 years ago, when I went to my local drugstore and asked if they had a green liquid eyeliner. She opened a drawer behind the counter and gave me a Collistar liquid eyeliner. I loved that eyeliner and I've used it untill it went completely empty. I haven't seen the brand since, untill last saturday. At the Ici Paris there was a little display with Collistar nailpolishes. I loved the colours and my eyes immediately fell on this one. I'm a sucker for black and this one has holographic glitters. Perfect! I might even go back later on and get the awesome purple glitter polish I saw, but we'll see. This one was around 10 euros(it was a discount week though, normally they are around 13 orso). I'll probably start wearing this one right after I finish writing this blog. :)

I already have the 8hour cream(I'll post a review soon), and because I really like that one, I wanted to have the matching lipbalm aswell. They didn't have the limited edition evrsion anymore, so I got the normal one.

Review will follow soon ofcourse, but I'm already loving it :)

We also got these little re-usable perfumesprays:
They cost 3,95 euros and they filled them in the store with yout favourite perfume! I choose Delices de Cartier, ofcourse, since I love that one. And when my mom smelled it, she took that one aswell :)
Hubs choose Rochas, which I totally adore.
It's very easy to take with you in your purse or pocket. 
And if you want to, you can refill it at home with your own perfumes:

And the thing I was most happiest about:

This silver dragon ring...
My beloved and I both had this ring for years, untill at Easter my ring fell away from my finger, missing a big piece on the bottom. I still have no idea what happened, by the way.
I searched for a new one, knowing it would be difficult. I have really small fingers, and even though this design pops up now and then, they almost never have my size. We couldn't find it at the EFF so my hopes were set on Castlefest.  But, when we got to Mordor(a really kewl little store in Alkmaar), I found this one. It's the exact same one as I had except maybe half a size bigger. But it does have the tiny details that my old one had, most cheaper versions of this ring tend to have much rougher details.
Anyway, long story short: I have my dragonring again! I missed it so much, and I'm really happy with it. :)

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