Saturday, July 3, 2010

Jewelry: Peacock feather necklace

When I saw a blogpost on wickedskakid, about a Dutch webshop, I would never have thought I'd found something I would be SO happy with...

Hippe Hebbedingetjes is a webshop with all kinds of little wannahaves. The Dutch name refers to that.
I browsed through the store and then I stumbled onto this:

It's a silver necklace with a peacock feather pendant! I had to decide between silver and gold, and normally that's not so hard, because I'm not really into gold. But on the picture the gold one looked beautifull aswell, more like antique gold or bronze, but I still decided on the silver one.....I might get the other one aswell sometime though....hahaha.

The necklace arrived very soon in such cute packaging:

A 'typical Dutch' couple in the top and green 'grass' and yellow 'flowers' in the bottom with a card. It was really adorable!

The necklace only cost 7,95 euros, and shippingcosts were 1 euro. The webshop has a lot of wannahaves, ranging from cupcake lipbalms to jewelry. Go check it out!


  1. Aw! That is gorgeous. I love it when things are packaged well!

  2. Mooie ketting! Ik ken de webshop, heb er een Rosebud Salve besteld. Snelle en goeie service zeker een aanrader.