Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Gosh, velvet touch lipstick, Tropical Pink

This is the lipstick from the Gosh Summerlook 2010, Tropical Pink.

The colour is a very bright pink, something I like, but I thought it might be too much with my pale skin. But the lipstick can be applied very thin and then it's a very beautifull colour for the summer. I love how it matches with my pink/purple eyeshadows.

A swatch on my hand:

The texture is really soft and it applies smoothly. It's not to sticky on the lips and stays in place pretty good. With pale lips as mine, this is a great colour to really make them pop.

The lipstick has a great shine, which really shows up on cam with a flash:

This is a great lipstick that can be applied thickly for bold and popping lips, but can also be applied thinly for a (to most people) more wearable look.

This lipstick is available at Kruidvat for 8,40 euros (And if you buy one this week, you get one(or another Gosh product) for free!)

What do you think? Too bight, or wearable?
And what did you buy with the Gosh 1+1 free bargain?

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