Thursday, July 29, 2010

Etos: Luscious Sexy Lip Kit

On tuesday I found this kit at the Etos at the trainstation in Amsterdam. They also had the eyebrowkit and the smokey eye kit. Suzanne wrote about those on her blog.

The kit comes with a cardboard sleeve with a retro print on it and on the back it has the whole How To of the kit. When you pull the kit out of its sleeve, it has the same prints on the front and back as the sleeve.

The kit closes with a magnet in the lid so it's pretty safe in your purse.
It contains a mirrot, 2 lipglosses, 2 lippencils, a lipbase, a lipgloss and a lippensil.
Not bad for 6 euros, right?

And the directions on the back:

I think this kit(and the others) are really nice and especially good for people who are starting with makup. I don't know if it's also a very usefull kit, but a review will follow as soon as I know. I'll make pictures of swatches as soon as I have the right lighting when I get home from work.

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