Tuesday, July 13, 2010

EOTD: Gold and Brass

For this EOTD I used the Bourjois Smoky eyes palette Or Baroque and the Gosh velvet touch eyeliner Metallic Brass.

I applied the lightest colour in the inner eyecorner and a little into the crease. Then I applied the middle colour on the rest of my eyelid and above the crease.

Then I applied the darkest colour into the outer V. Lastly I used the Gosh eyeliner to give my eyes some darker colour. The golden effect of the eyeliner matches perfectly with the rest of the eyeshadow.

A very easy, and for me pretty neutral, look that you can use for any occasion.


  1. Great look! Your eyebrows are really perfectly shaped (I'm jealous!!) too. Most of the time you're wearing shimmery/metallic eyeshadows which look gorgeous on you...But I am curious how matte eyeshadows would look on you.

  2. hmmm matte....any preference for a certain colour?

    and thanx! i really had eyebrowissues. Just watch some eyebrowtutorials and see what fits your face best. And get a good eyebrowpencil(i recommend Gosh)

  3. Super!! Especially your eyebrows girl!!

  4. I have to get more experienced with the brow pencil. I have to draw a lot and don't have much brow-hair...
    A matte look with brown or purple colors?

  5. @deb, same here, it took me almost a year before i found the right shape fro my brows and the right colour and such. I can do a how to if you like?

    I'll keep that in mind. I dont have much time nowadays for the blog because of 2 jobs(and still a castlefest costume has to be made), but ill try :)