Sunday, July 11, 2010

Enchantra's Biggest Giveaway

Enchantra has been doing giveaways for a whole month, which is pretty amazing.(As you could have seen in my link 'giveaways'.) But the last one is the biggest of them all: make a list of products from their webshop, to create your ideal beautycase. If you win, you receive a beautycase with the products you've chosen! Now, that's a very generous and awesome price, isn't it?

To enter, you MUST have placed an order in the month of June. The more orders you have, the more points you receive for your entry. But, you can earn more points by posting a blog, twitter about the giveaway, and a whole bunch of other things. You can read all about it on Enchantra's blog Enchanting Beauty, which by the way is a great blog, so start following it with Bloglovin!

Make sure you enter soon, because this giveaway will end on July 15th! I wish everyone a lot of luck, because winning this means you win a big price that you got to pick out by yourself! :)

And even though they gave away prices for a month, that's not where they end with their generosity: they give a 50% discount on a choosen brand during every Dutch World Cup game! (I got myself some Konad Imageplates last time I was online during such a game)

Don't forget to check out Enchantra's webshop, with great brands like Coastal Scents, China Glaze, Konad, and so on.

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