Saturday, July 31, 2010

Catrice Careme Collection Haul

I had give up on getting products from the limited edition Catrice Careme collection. I couldn't find a store that had them in stock.

BUT, my sweet collegue Mariska, called me last week when she was at a Trekpleister. ''If I still wanted that peacock eyeliner?"  Uh..Yes! Please! :)
Apparantly they also had some other products, so she got me the ones I had on my wishlist. She send them to me, because she's on vacation right now.

She got me:
  • Peacock Blue liquid eyeliner (what's in a name? ;)  )
  • Spiced Red lipgloss (really pigmented!!)
  • Spiced Red eyeshadow (seems to be a MAC dupe)


It took a while to get here, I was already worried it might have gotten lost in the mail. But ofcourse, on the day I texted my collegue about it, I found the envelope lying on my doormat when I got home :)
The eyeshadow was unfortunately broken , but that was easily fixed with some alcohol:



  1. Die heb je netjes gemaakt! Bij mij zien oogschaduws er nooit zo netjes uit na het pressen hahaha.

  2. haha mijn oog valt meteen op het blik van de Purmerendse Plateeltjes als inwoner van Purmerend... Mooi die spiced red.....


  3. hmm die eyeliner viel me erg tegen heb m gelijk in de doos gedaan met spullen die ik aan linde heb gedoneerd voor de goodiedoos
    hoop dat jij m wel mooi vind :)