Friday, June 18, 2010

Swap with Ally

Yesterday, another package arrived, this time all the way from the USA!
Ally wrapped it up very well, so everything arrived in one piece, that's an accomplishment with todays postal service :)

Ally asked me if there were things from the USA that I was curious about, so I told her, I've read and heard a lot about Poptarts, and I still don't really know what they are. So she send us some. And a BIG box of Twinkies...which you can apparantly deep fry aswell..*frowns*. I've never deep fried junkfood in my life...we'll see :)
The Hershey's sound delicious and one of the bars has the best name evah: Whatchamacallit. Sheer genius, hahaha. And then there are some M&M's-like things filled with peanutbutter? Can't wait to try it all out :)

Ally made sure she send things for the both of us, so she went out of her way to get Sid something he really really really wanted. Some of you might know, Sid is very interested in tarot: we collect decks and he gives tarotcoaching and tarotworkshops. Well, there was this one deck that we found when the artist was still busy designing and painting it. We loved it from the first time we layed eyes on it. Recently, Sid found out the deck was finally printed and for sale. But ofcourse, it wasn't available in Europe. Ally looked it up and ordered it for Sid, you should have seen his face when he got this deck in his hands! And really, you should check out the pictures, they are beautifull! Some would look gorgeous hanging on our wall. Anyway, here's a link if you're interested in seeing them: shadowscape tarot.

Some fav's of mine:


Hanged Man




This deck is not just gorgeous because of the little detail that has gone into every single one of them, but also because of the awesome symbolism and thought that went into them. For example 'Death', lots of people mistake this for a literal definition, but actually it (in short version) stands for 'a new beginning', which to me, is explained perfectly with the phoenix. And not just the high arcana cards have this detailed beauty, every single one of them does, even the small arcana.

Anyway, on with the swap....

"I saw the rose; the pin and thought, Jasmine of all people would be able to incorporate then in her day to day fashion of her amazing costumes."
Ally found these in a vintage thrift store, and I love the way she found them for me. I love old/anthique things and I adore roses, so Ally nailed it :) The rose is a little pendant and will definately be worn in a daily fashion! I shall think of another way to wear the pin, maybe in can make a costume around it :)

The little bottle contains small slivers of pink and some blue which will be perfect to use over other polishes. The name is Bon Bons, which made me smile instantly.

The eyeshadow is by Wet N Wild, and from a Limited Edition! I'm not sure if it's the name of the collection, but on the front it says Coloricon. The name of the eyeshadow is Blaze/Gresillement.
It's a pink colour with sort of black and gold tiger stripes on it. Ally told me in her letter that it comes out as a nice smokey pink. I like that :)

Ally asked me before, which brands were available to me and gave me a list of some. I told her Revlon used to be sold around here, but almost every store I knew that sold it, has taken it out of stock. This particular polish is Raven Red, the one I wore on my weddingday and because of that, it's the perfect red to me. It's really sweet of her to get something that means so much to me!

And ofcourse the Claire's mood polishes! W00h00, I'm really excited about these, especially the one on the right. I'm trying to restrain myself from using it right NOW, but I will..very soon!

She also included a book, I LOVE books, I tend to read too much and I'm always looking for new series. Especially with vampires, shapeshifters, and I'm not afraid of some smut, hahaha.
Anyway, she described this one as 'urban fantasy vampires in a victorian era', she herself liked it a lot. So I'm really curious. I hope she'll like the books I got her, but I haven't send my package yet, so I won't reveal any secrets.

Ally, like Sarah, had a lot to tell, she explained everything in the package, and it's really sweet to read how she went about searching for the perfect stuff.
Thanx Ally for everything, you're the sweetest! (well, every lexling know what I mean ;) )

Which reminds me...have I ever posted my first swap? with Becca?


  1. Oh, wow, that's such a sweet gift package!!

    Absolutely LOVE the Tarot deck, it's beautifully amazingly drawn :) Love them!

    Pop-tarts are the yummiest when you put them in the toaster for a lil while so they're warmed up.

    I've never had Twinkies before either... I will ask my dad to bring them next time he goes to the US.

    And the Pink Claire's Mood polish i really really like, it's so pink! I'm a suckah for anything pink, though, lol!!

    Love the package, Ally, you did a really great job!!! And yes, i really think the rose and pin match Jasmine perfectly as well!!

  2. I know!! Ive been looking at the poptarts and I don't think thats my thing, it looks like jello. Im not a big fan of jello, ahha but sid is. That the best thing of sid and me, if one doesnt like it, the other will :)
    We both love the Twinkies, and Sid decided we need more, lol.
    Really pink? I wouldn't have figured you for a pink girl :)

  3. I don't think you posted our swap on here, but you did on facebook.
    Which reminds me I forgot to take and post pics of the slippers which I love so much! Must remember when I get home :-D

  4. @rebecca, well i shall have to write a blog about it then, can't forget my first swap! :)

  5. Hihi ik had via een swap ook Twinkies gekregen en ik vind ze helemaal niet zo lekker eigenlijk :D

  6. @Jas, I definitely recommend toasting the poptarts if you decide to try them. A lot of people can eat them at room temperature, but I hate that - doesn't taste as sugary and the jelly middle warms and melts.

    I saw Sarah's letter in your pics and thought it be a good idea to let you know what I was thinking when I picked everything :)

  7. Jasmine, the pop-tarts aren't that jello-ishy at all, they're pretty good... but will spike your blood sugar levels immediately, lol :)

    And yes, i LOVE pink :) You did see my car pics on FB, right? Every few months i change my home interior and swap accessories (like pillows/candles/flower pots) and i have 4 boxes stuffed with pink/purple colors... at the moment i'm all into the fresh colors in house again, like turquoise and lime green :) But before Winter hits in, i'm probably gonna go all pink again, i want my Christmas tree to match the rest of my interior again then, because my christmas decorations look like i've stolen them from Barbie :D lol

  8. @Hanne, zonde, wij vinmden ze heerlijk :)

    @Ally, hehe I have a very deep aversion to jelly, so I dont think I can get over that, especially not warm. But I think Sid's going to love them, and now I at least now what they are!

    @wendolin, hahaah maybe sid cant eat them then, being a diabetic...oh well. Ill give him some whiskey to lower his glucose, he'll live ;)
    Ive had a pink-period aswell, but I was a little kid back then. But pink can be really long as its moderated :P