Saturday, June 26, 2010

Review & Swatches:Hema Eye Brightening Pencils

A while ago I saw these Eye Brightening Pencils at Hema, and decided they could be really handy for neutral/fast looks.

These pencils are a bit small, about as long as my middle finger, and a bit thicker than eyepencils. The thickness is more like the NYX jumbo pencils.
Anyway, I think there are only two in the collection, I bought both. One is a silvery white shimmer and the other is a more nude/soft pink (gives an almost golden) shimmer.

Swatches on my arm with daylight:

They are soft and very easy to apply. I think they work wonders when you use them as a highlighter below your brows and/or in your inner eyecorner.

Swatches rubbed a little with my fingers:

I use these when I have very neutral makeup(for me), for example just some eyelienr ans mascara. The pencil really brightens your eyes.
They cost only 2 euros a piece, and I'm not really sure if they are limited edition or not.

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  1. Mooi die shimmer, fijne highlighter lijkt het me :D