Thursday, June 17, 2010

NOTD:China Glaze , Atlantis

This is once again a Chine Glaze polish, and this time, it's Atlantis.

This polish is a bit thin, so I applied 2 coats, but I might apply a third one aswell later on. You can still see where my finger ends through my nail, I don't usually like that, but with this one, it's not as visible as it does on pics.
The colour is beautifull, it's sort of a seagreen that get's greener with every coat. The shimmers in it are gorgeous and sparkle rainbows in the light.

It's easy to apply and dries pretty fast! The shimmers are grotty, but annoyingly so. ALso the colour isn't much different with indoorlighting as with sunlight, I like that.


 I used to dislike shimmers and glitters, by they really have started to grow on me, especially on my nails. This polish is one that really draws your attention to your nails, I love it!


  1. I love this lacquer, especially for layering :)

  2. Ik wil hem ook heel graag hebben, hij is echt super!

  3. Heb er al een hoop complimentjes over gehad. Iemand vroeg hoe ik mn nagels gedaan had, en toen ik zei dat de nagellak zo was, wilde ze hem meteen hebben :)

  4. @lacquer, yeah its a lovely polish, and even if you can see the lines of my fingers a bit, this polish is so gorgeous, i dont really care :)