Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gosh 1+1 free Haul, with Swatches

On monday I was in Amsterdam, so after work I decided to go to the Kruidvat there, because they have more than 'my own' Kruidvat.

I chose 4 lipsticks, 1 light n shine lipglaze and 5 effect powders.

Velvet Touch Lipsticks, with flash:
 Mulberry (I adore this colour!), Romantic, Amethyst, Bourgogne

Withouth Flash:

Light 'n Shine lipglaze, no. 5:

It has a usefull mirror and a light inside the applicators handle:

Swatches in daylight:

Swatches indoors, with flash:
 They are pretty shiney :)

Effect Powders:

Gold Dust, Steel, Glamour, Purple Rain, Bluebell

Swatches in daylight:

Swatches indoors:

I think Gold Dust will be a great Highlighter, Steel is absolutely beautifull, and Purple Rain has golden glitters in it, I'm not sure what to think of those yet, but I love the purple in itself.

The EPswatches are made on Hema eyeshadowbase, so the colours don't look as intense as they are. If anyone is interested, I can make swatches from other EP's aswell. I could do them on Gosh eyeshadowbase or NYX jumbopencil Milk, so you could see the colours better. Maybe I should make pics and swatches of my Gosh products anyway...


  1. I adore mulbrerry!
    I think i might have a look at Amethyst & Bourgogne - they look gorgeous :)

  2. Wow wat veel! Ik vind Mulberry ook heeeel erg mooi!

  3. wow mooie producten zeg! Mulberry en Romantic vind ik echt prachtig

  4. yep. do those swatches anyway! ik heb bourgogne en amethyst ook. love those lipsticks!

  5. Lekker geshopt! Ik heb Amethyst ook gekocht :) En de lipgloss ook! Ik vind ze echt zo fijn! Heb nu al de kleurtjes :)

  6. I think Mulberry is really nice, and apparantly you all think so 2 :)

    @Meyke, I'll do swatches of all my other Gosh stuff..might take a while though... *blushes*