Friday, June 11, 2010

EOTD: Kiwi & Grape Aquatic Cocktail

This EOTD was made with an old MissChievous look in my mind that I saw long ago. I haven't used the tutorial to make this look, so that's why I haven't used as many colours and also different products. I just wanted something colourfull to try out my new effect powder my beloved gave me a week ago (Aquatic) and the colours of this old look came to mind.

Products used for this look:

I started with the eyeshadowbase and spread it all over my eyelid. Then I applied the Kiwi in my inner eyecorner and a bit into the crease. I also applied a bit below my eye, into the inner eyecorner aswell. Kiwi is a very nice bright green with a great shimmer.

Then I applied my new EP Aquatic, which gives a wonderfull peacock blue, on my whole eyelid and a bit into the crease.

Then I took a blendingbrush and applied Grape with in into and above my crease.Grape is a darker purple with a nice almost orange shimmer in it. Then I blended everything together and applied a little more of Aquatic to make it pop.

 Then I applied some eyeliner above and below my eyes, and made a wing at the end. I like wings, but now I remember why I always made a curved wing when I only used (cateyes)eyeliner for many years. My crease runs all the way along my eye, which makse straight wings crooked when my eyes open. So I always have to make a thicker wing than I want to if I want a straight one.

After some mascara, this is what you get:

And here's a look of the day aswell, even though I haven't applied any other makeup on my face here(I don't use a lot of makeup anyway), just the Gosh Soft 'n Shine, Angel on my lips:


  1. Love the colors. I have the exact same problem with the eyeliner wing. Either thicker or curved. LOL

  2. I used to do them curved...MaybeI should try and lower them a bit, but Im not sure if it'll allign with the lashes if I do that. Let's try it out sometime soon :)
    Don't you just love the blue? Sid gave it to me, because he knew it was on my wishlist. And as you know, he's just sweet like that :)

  3. I lovee the colours! :D
    &nd it match very good with your layout ;)

  4. @meribel, well there is ofcourse a reason I picked these colours ;)
    I love green, but I especially love peacockfeathers and the colours they have.