Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blogger Passion Award

Enchantingbeauty tagged me with this Award, which is supersweet of them!
You're supposed to share 4 passions and then tag another 4 bloggers.

I'm not sure if things are really passions of mine, because passion is such a loaded word, but let's see how far I get.
1.I'm totally addicted to books. Ever since I was a child I devoured every book I could get my hands on, even had 2 librarycards so I could loan 10 books at a time. Otherwise I had to get back way to fast. When I was a kid I totally lost myself in books, and was oblivious to my surroundings. Later on I lost my reading a bit, I just read in the bus to school and in bed, but not as much as before. But the last few years it has come back with a vengeance, hahaha. I read everyday if I can. I read in the train to work, in bed in the morning and/or evening, and I read during daytime if I can find the time. I even read fanfic online, but I prefer real books. I especially love pockets and old books. Pockets because they are easier to carry with me, and old books because they have had a life before they were mine, I just love old things. I've always been into fantasy, for example anything by Weis and Hickman or Terry Pratchett. But nowadays I'm more into the fantasy with vampires, lycanthropes and shapeshifters. And I don't mind a little smut either. Some of my fav series right now: Anite Blake vampire hunter, The Black Dagger Brotherhood, The Dresden Files, Immortals after Dark, Dark Hunters, Sookie Stackhouse, Twilight. Unfortunately for me, Ive read the whole series and I'm waiting for the new books to come out. So I'm always searching for new and interesting series. I love it that my husband likes reading aswell and we share a lot of love for the same series. Especially Twilight and The Dresden Files. (Yes I have a Twiguy, we even have the series twice, so we won't bother eachother when we want to read it again) :)

2. I love being creative, and I've had all kinds of hobbies. I've made stuffed animals from scratch, jewelry, cushions and the last few years a lot of clothing. But I also like to draw, paint or write a lot. I like to create something from scratch, and I love it when I can make other people happy with something I've made. Especially clothing has been a passion for years. As a kid I made ballgowns for my Barbies, and since 2002 I made my own clothing. That turned into a business of my own where I designed, made and selled (goth) clothing. But I decided to make it a hobby again, because it was so busy I didn't have any time to design and make new things, which for me has always been the most fun. I also like to make costumes for the Elf Fantasy Fair and Castlefest and such :)

3. Ofcourse my beloved is the biggest pashion I have, but because that is so obvious I won't put it on the list, so I'll put my cats on it. We have 3 cats, Greebo, Odin and Loki. Greebo is a silverhaired female who is really sweet, loves to be touched and gives kisses on command. She has a love/hate relationship with the other 2, because she is interestd in them, but doesn't really like their games. Odin is a 8 kilo weighing male withouth balls, literally AND figurarly. He's a sweet cat, but he's a bit...dumb. He is the biggest and strongest cat in the house, but most of the time he let's himself get scared away from how food by the others. Untill he's really fed up with it, and then he just sits on his brother, lol. He's really fluffy and mostly black with grey tribals on his fur. He likes to lay on the couch, and lay against me in bed, but sometimes when you hit his 'on' button, he really wants to cuddle and you can;'t get him to turn away. Usually that happens in the middle of the night, hehe. And Loki, well, he's my sweety, my little monkey. He's a brother to Odin, but he weighs 5-6 kilos and has a different fur. He looks more like his momma(my motherinlaws cat). He was the last of the litter and therefor the thiniest. He didn't even look like a cat when he was a kitten, more like a ferret or a monkey: hence my nickname for him. But he turned out the be the craziest and sweetest of the whole litter. Loki literally climbs in the walls and is a bit too daring: he has fallen of too many high things. He can do the weirdest things, and you can be entertained by just watching him for days. But he is also supersweet, he always wants to cuddle and he loves sleeping in the crook of my arm. He stands by the door when you come home to greet you and he has the most adorable look on his face when you catch him doing stomething wrong. I absolutely love him :) Loki is also a male withouth balls(literally) but he has no manparts at all anymore. He had stones in his blatter and because he was one of the worst they had ever seen he had to be amputated. So now he pees like a girl, but he doens't mind one bit :)

4. I think my 4th passion is makeup and everything around it. I've always loved makeup, but as a child I was very very very allergic to it. I did wear nailpolish and such, and that never really changed, although I did have a few years when I used it less. Later on, I could wear a certain brand of makeup, and through the years I started to get less allergic. Nowadays, I can wear almost anything withouth getting complaints, but I do have to watch what I use and how often. I love the way you can express your mood with fashion, and that's why I love makeup aswell: you can use any colour you like and you can combine a lot aswell. I love trying out new things: trying out different colourcombos or new products. And it's really great to share those with others.

I always like to tag people who aren't tagged yet, So hopefully these didn't have the tag yet:
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