Monday, June 28, 2010

Another non-makeup Haul

Here are some items I've recently bought:

A tight longshirt/dress in brightred and black, because Sid loves seeing me in tight longshirts/dresses and skirts, and apparantly I don't have enough of those. And a snakeprint legging, because I always look at those and this time hubs liked it :)

Some of you might have noticed, I have a thing for peacockfeathers. So when I saw this dress I really wanted to try it on. I was afraid the colours would be too light for me and make me look sicklypale. But luckely, the darker blue gives it enough colour to look good with my skin. I would love to have some clothing/fabric with reallife peacockfeather colours, but unfortunately, I never spot those. Still, I like this dress, especially the V at the back.

A tight bright pink skirt, which looks really 80s on me, but then again I'm an 80s child :). A star wars shirt, well, actually 2 of the same, but in 2 different sizes. Originally it was supposed to be for Merlijn, my 11yr old stepson, but the shirt fitted me aswell. So we decided to keep them both and be kewl together :)
Hubs likes and dislikes that, because he LOVES starwars(and I don't really care about it at all), and for some reason they don't have Tshirts in mensizes, just kidsizes and one time they had one for women. But at least he gets to watch me in it, which apparantly is a good thing. When I spotted the men boxers with starwars print(with big letters on the back), I just had to get them for my beloved. He has two now, and he has already dropped his pants twice to show it to people, hahahaha.

[update] I spotted Star wars tshirts for men at H&M, and today I bought one for Sid, so finally Sid has one aswell :)


  1. Ooh dat blauwe jurkje is zo mooi! :D

  2. Hahaha, Sid sounds like Chase when it comes to Star Wars. He has his entire right calf dedicated to his Star Wars tattoos.