Monday, May 10, 2010

Review & Swatches : Manhattan Lips2Last

I have really pale lips, so I always like to use a lipstick to put some colour on them. Unfortunately, lipsticks tend to dry out ly lips and/or run into the little lins around them.
So I tend to search for stay-on lipsticks. These can dry out aswell, so I don't use them everyday, but at least they stay in place.

When I saw a stay-on lipstick by Manhattan, I had to try it out. I love the eyeshadows and lipsticks by this brand, so I was really interested. Also, the price is a bit lower than most other stay-ons. It's about 7,50 euros, if I remember correctly.

The lipstick comes in a simple package: Gloss on the left, colour on the right and a black plastic middle with the Manhattan M in relief on it.
I like this form of stay-ons, everything is easy to reach in your purse. Some stay-ons have seperate sticks, and I always loose one, hahaha. Then again, if you wear the second coat more, it can be worn out faster than the colour.

The colour is applied with a normal applicator, but to my surprise, the gloss has a little brush. I like this a lot! I have a Manhattan glipgloss with a brush and it applies a lot easier and smudges less.

This is Lips2last 43F, unfortunately, they don't have catchy names that you can remember easy. I'm not sure if this is available all times, I picked it up in a special display, so it might be a limited edition.
It has a really nice orangetinted colour with a metallic shine. It's a bit bright, but I like it :)

A swatch on my lips:

This stay-on doesn't feel like a stay-on at all! Most of them feel really dry or like a plastic wrap around your lips. This just feels like a light lipstick, not sticky or dry or anything annoying.
The gloss doesn't dry out my lips either, isn't annoyingly sticky and doens't taste bad. It is thicker than a normal gloss, but it almost feels like it's hydrating my lips.

Because it feels so good, I was absolutely sure, this one wasn't going to last long. Boy, was I wrong!
After I had dinner(which usually results in a thin line of colour on my lups or at least a dried out colour), I checked my lips. They felt like not much could be on there, but the colour was still perfect!
I only put on some extra gloss once or twice, ate dinner, drank a lot and ate some other stuff aswell.
And this is what it looked like at the end of the day:

It's not perfect, but the colour is just a bit faded, instead of erased on the inside. I didn't wear it for a whole day, but enough hours to compare it to other brands. And I have to say, most of them have to be re-applied one time, or they end of around the edges of my lips. None has ever last a full day perfectly btw.

There is ONE downside to this stay-on though, it's really hard to take off! At the end of the day I tried to remove it with some oliveoil, but only a bit came off. Eventually with some rubbing and Lush' babyface I got it off. Now I know it's their job NOT to come off, but I like t go to bed without lipstick, sue me :P

Still, I was really surprised by the result and I'm already thinking about buying more colours.


  1. Ik heb er afgelopen vrijdag ook 2 gekocht! Een roze en een rode. Er waren 4 kleuren in totaal bij "mijn" Trekpleister. Ben er erg blij mee en vind ze even goed als de Lipfinity van Max Factor. Alleen de geur van de lipgloss vind ik echt heel erg naar. Brrrr.
    Ik kreeg ze er trouwens best goed af met een babybillendoekje, de rest deed ik met een beetje ultrabland.

  2. De trekpleister hier is helaas failliet en onze kruidvat heeft t niet :(
    En als ik dus in de stad of in Adam ga kijken is t rek meestal 80% leeg. Ben wel benieuwd naar andere kleuren.
    MIjn favoriet van Lipfinity word neit meer gemaakt. Dat was zon lijn met zilveren lipfinity erin. En dan een donkerrood, gelukkig heb ik hem op voorraad. DIe blijft supergoed zitten. :)

  3. Where can I get these in England? I have used Manhattan lips2 last lipsticks for many years, usually buy them in Germany in one of the drug stores. But did not get to Germany this year, and I am running out, Have never used any other brand for about 8 years, they are so great. On in the morning, off at night, and on all day through everything.