Sunday, May 9, 2010

Review & swatches: Catrice Oceana collection, eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipstick

I made some swatches of all the makeup I bought recently, and in this blog, I'll show you a Catrice eyeshadow, eyeliner pencil and lipstick from the Oceana collection. The nail lacquer I bought, can be found here.

The eyeshadow, Blue out to Sea:

This eyeshadow comes in a square(with rounded corners) clear plastic box. The lid is decorated with the silver waterbubbles that decorate the entire Oceana collection. I love how the decoration makes it look special. The eyeshadow also has a design on top of it, which looks really beautifull.

The eyeshadow is a dark blue with a nice lighter blue shimmer in it.
Here's a swatch in daylight:

It really looks lighter and more faded on skin, check out my finger after swatching:

The eyeshadow feels really soft and blends well. Applied on Hema eyeshadowbase, it will stay put all day!

The eyeliner pencil, Colours of the Ocean:

This pencil looks really kewl with the silver bubbles on it, and is very practical, containing two colours that go well together.

I made some swatches in daylight:

The eyeliner pencil is pretty hard, which can be great for making small lines, but I like softer pencils myself. Hard pencils can be irritating on the skin, because they don't give much colour or can't move smoothly on the skin.
I've already used the blue one, and even though it's a nice colour and does stay put pretty good, it does have a tendency to rub itself sway when you try to apply some more on top of it. Some eyeliner pencils tend to do this, especially below my eyes, and it can be annoying.

Lipstick, Ocean Sunrise:
This lipstik comes in a shiny silver case. It has the same bubbles decoration in a sort of matte white stamp on the bottom. The lipstick is creamy and is easy to apply. It does tend to dry out my lips, but most lipsticks do. I always put a little lipbalm or Mac lip prep+prime beneath it and it really helps.

A swatch on my arm:

And on my lips:

The Oceana collection is limited edition and can be found in stores right now!


  1. hello
    i think you can find claire's mood polish i think they ship internationally :)

  2. Thanx for the tip, but I'm going to do a swap with someone and she will send them to me :)