Friday, May 28, 2010

Review: GOSH Irresistible Intensity Mascara

This week, Kruidvat had another great bargain: buy any Gosh mascara and get a Soft 'n Shine lipbalm for free!
When I saw this new (?) mascara, I really wanted to try it out and I was running low on mascara anyway. Also, I wanted to try the balm called Angel, since I heard a lot of good things about that one. And ofcourse I already own 5 Soft 'n Shines, because they are my fav product.
Anyway, to make a long story short, I bought the GOSH Irresistible Intensity Mascara for 9,99 euros, and got the Soft "n Sine lipbalm Angel for free. *Squeel*

The mascara has an unususal shape: the top is formed like a little ball and much bigger than the rest of the brush.It takes some time getting used to this one, because you can't really do all your lashes at once, like I'm used to with the False Lash Effect.

My eye without ay mascara:

With some mascara applied:

But, I have to say, it applies fairly easy and the lashes get seperated pretty good. It gives a natural look, with long lashes. You do have to watch out when you want a bit of more volume. When you apply more mascara, you can easily get the much-used-but-not-really-beautifull spiderleg effect.

With some more mascara applied:

Still, even if you get the spiderleg effect, the lashes can be seperated if you want to, and the effect is a little more volume.

GOSH Irresistible Intensity Mascara
  •  It gives a real black colour
  • Good length
  • Your lashes still are soft and flexible
  • The curl stays into the lashes
  • Can create a natural look but also a bit more glamorous
  • Easy to use on the lashes below your eyes aswell.
  • The mascara really smells bad, but you won't be smelling your lashes.
  • Beware of spiderleg lashes
  • Takes some time getting used to applying.

All in all, I'm surprised by this mascara and I think it will really grow on me. I'll definately be using this one more next to my The Falsies mascara. It might even become one of my favourites, we'll see.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I love GOSH Soft 'n Shine lipbalms too! I am *not* a lippie kind of girl (except for nourishing lip balms), but the GOSH Soft 'n Shines have converted me to a coloured-lip-lass! (Only GOSH Soft 'n Shines, of course!)

    Sadly, I've discovered them now that they've been discontinued. :( I'm going to look through your archives to see what you've said about these gorgeous and comfortable lippies. Which are your favourites?