Monday, May 24, 2010

Review & EOTD: Essence New Eyeshadow palette

When I saw these new little palettes, I was interested to see if the pigmentation was better than the single eyeshadows.
I picked out the purple palette and I wasn't too dissapointed.

The eyeshadow is in a clear plasuic case, with a nice black design on top. On the back is a little picture and a description on how you can use the palette.
The case slides open, which to me gives it something special.

The pigmentation isn't great, but it isn't really bad either. The colours are soft on your eye, and blend pretty good. But they are visible enough to create nice looks. I do have to say that the colours fade at the end of the day, might be my Hema eyeshadowbase, or might just be my eyes.

I also made an EOTD with this pallete, to show you the colours.

The colours are a bit more intense and a little darker, but these pics were made in sunlight, so they are a bit lighter.

All in all a cute little palette, especially for softer looks, but if you're interested in more in-your-face pigmentation, this palette isn't for you.


  1. Niet slecht voor Essence oogschaduw duo :) Ik ben meer van de in-your-face pigmentation haha, maar dit is best leuk :)

  2. I like how soft this lavender is. Looks good to wear during the day, for work and such.

  3. Vind hem ook echt wel goed voor essence! Had ik niet verwacht!

  4. Mooie look! Ook goed pigment zo te zien, zeker voor Essence. Ik vind je wenkbrauwen ook zo mooi!

  5. @Suzy, de kleur vervaagt dus wel door de dag heen, maar voor zon budget merk valt t me ook erg mee.

    @paulinha, ive put a diff colour of this pallette in your swappackage ;)

    @suusie, same here :)

    @myrna, thanx, ik heb wenkbrauw-issues, dus dat is fijn om te horen ;)