Saturday, May 1, 2010

NOTD: Rimmel Potion

I still have a lot of older polishes by Rimmel, from the time when they still made duochromes, and darkgreens, not just pinks and reds and such.

(this pic soooo doesn't do the polish justice :(  )

This was one of my favourites, and unfortunately, this is probably the last time I could polish my nails with it.
I used this polis for my Queensday NOTD, since it's still an orange and I wasn't into a bright colour when I did my nails.

It's a dark orange colour with bright green shimmers in it.This gives a bit if a duochorme effect, which I totally adore. But ofcourse, I can't seem to catch it on a picture. You can see some shimmers here, but in real life you'll see a green glow on the polish.

And this is with an Essence nail sticker:

BTW, if any of you still has a bottle of this one, or any of the other duochromes by Rimmel (like Zeitgeist, I LOVE that one), and you don't use it, please let me know :)


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