Wednesday, May 12, 2010

NOTD: China Glaze - Ruby Pumps

As I've blogged before, I've orderd some china glaze polishes, these were my first CG polishes, so I'm really excited to see how these last.

I started with Ruby Pumps, because it's my beloved's favourite. :)

This is just with one coat, normally I just apply one thick coat, but this polish is rather thin and watery, so that didn't work. With one coat, the polish already started have some wear and tear on the tips of my nails. It also was a bit to sheer for my lining, but I didn't have enough time for a second coat that day.

See? The polish looks a bit pink where it wasn't applied as thick as on other places. So today I applied a second coat and a topcoat, to see if that helped.

On this one, you can really see the little glitters in the polish, which I totally adore. With the second coat, the glitters and colour is applied more evenly, which really makes it a beautifull polish.

The shimmer/glitters really catch the light and reflect in a brighter red, I really love it!

After a few days and work, there is a bit of wear and tear, but no chipping. And I got a lot of compliments on it :)


  1. Ik wil hem ook nog een keer, echt een supermooie kleur!

  2. These look like Dorothy mary-janes'! Beautiful!

  3. @amber, zeker doen, je krijgt er geen spijt van. in daglicht zijn de glittes echt mooier dan op de foto.

    @paula, exactly, the polish glitters when you move and it catches your eye, this is one of my favs already. (and sids 2!)

  4. Hey Jasmine,
    Als je een gewone knalrode nagellak als basis gebruikt komt de nagellak veel meer tot zijn recht. Hij is minder rozig en knalt veel meer. Ook zie je de glitters beter.
    Gewoon een tip ;)

  5. thanx for the tip, ga ik volgende keer zeker doen :)