Sunday, May 16, 2010

NOTD: China Glaze, L8R G8R

I absolutely ADORE this polish. Normally, I'm not really into light colours, but this is a holographic, which changes everything.

It's a nice limecoloured green, which is really difficult to catch on a photograph. Because of the holographic effect, the flesh reflects a much lighter colour. But trust me, it's a lime. It reminds me a lot of Rimmel - Jaded Glamour.  On this pic you can see the green better:
I still think it's not the reallife colour, but it comes close. It's a bit more yellow/lime though.

This is once again a holographic that has weird application. But if you just apply one thin coat first, not touching the same spot twice, and then add a second coat, your nails will turn out like this.
Removing polish from the cuticles was pretty easy, maybe because it's a pretty thin/watery polish.

I've always been a sucker for green, but I seem to be having a thing for lime aswell. I even have a little dress in this colour :)
I definately want some more China Glaze holographic polishes. I already have DV8 to try, but I think I might want to try the purple one aswell...I think it's LOL? Lacquerized has blogged about DV8 before, which made me put it on my wishlist, and I really liked her swatches of the purple one aswell. She said the application of LOL was a drag, so I didn't buy it before...maybe I will now. We'll see :)


  1. Ik heb hem ook, echt een mooi kleurtje. :)

  2. Dit is echt wel een heel aparte groene holo... ik weet nog niet of ik 'm nou echt zo mooi vind eigenlijk.

  3. @jeske, dat was ook mijn eerste reactie, maar ik ben gek op groen en ik had al een limegroene polish, die ik na een tijdje erg mooi vond. Dus ik heb hem gekocht en ookal draag ik zelden lichte kleuren, ik vind hem echt super!

  4. Very nice holo.
    I guess I'm not the only holo addict :D.
    This is probably the lightest holo I've seen.
    I only have the Etos holo's and they are mainly colours like blue, purple, pink, red and a dark terracotta orange.
    No light colours whatsoever.

  5. @freya, yeah i totally love holos, but i love duochromes just a bit more.
    Eots' holos are pretty good, but different from the china glaze ones.

  6. Wow this holographic polish is seriously awesome!

  7. Wow!
    Veeeeeeeeeeery nice!
    It looks beautiful!
    Love it!