Sunday, May 30, 2010

Goodybox and Giveaway

On Thursdaynight, I got an email that I will be the next receiver of The Goodybox. The Goodybox is a box full of makeup that is searching for a new owner. You take out the things you like and put stuff back that you don't use yourself. You make a video or pics of what you did and after that the box goes to his next owner.
Anyway, the box started out as one box below 10 kilos, but it is very populair and the box was divided in two boxes. But those also started to become to be like over 10 kg, and in the summer they are going to get divided into 4 boxes! It's a great initiative that Linda of started.
Anyway, I'll be getting The Goodybox soon and because the box only goes to The Netherlands and Belgium, my blog about it will be in Dutch. Just so you know in advance :)

Like I said before, I will be doing another giveaway soon. I've been shopping for the giveaway and I can already tell you that I have some limited edition goodies and there will be products for you lips, eyes, cheeks and nails. The giveaway will be posted on June 4th, when this blog exists 6 months :)


  1. Wat leuk dat jij de volgende ontvanger van de goodiebox wordt :D

  2. What a fabulous idea. Hmmm, maybe I will consider starting a goodybox in the States?

  3. @madelon, zekers!

    @lacquer, thats a great idea: if something like this grows fast in a small country like The Netherlands, imagine what it could grow into in the USA! It's a very simple principle: you pay shippingcosts to the previous owner, they will send it to you after payment. Then you take out stuff you want, and put back stuff out of your own stash you dont use.
    I think every country should have one...maybe even every highschool..would save on the shippingcosts aswell :)

  4. Very cool idea! Unfortunately I'm very allergic to a lot of stuff, so it wouldn't be too usefull to me probably.
    (Saw your comment about the snake on Pioneer Woman. Lol, figured you were from Holland as well!)

  5. @valerief, well lots of people have sensitive skin and allergies, and they put stuff in the box aswell. So there might be stuff in there you could use, but it's not a garantuee ofcourse.
    (hehehe kewl)

  6. Hehehe de Goodiedozen worden steeds groter :D Nog ff en Lin kan er wereldwijd mee gaan ;)

    Echt een geweldig initiatief van Lin :)

  7. ahhh well congrats on the goodybox! that's awesome!!

  8. Wat leuk dat jij ook de volgende peetmoeder bent van de goodiedoos! k krijg em namelijk deze week ook! Ben echt benieuwd!

  9. @suzy, ja echt een super initiatief :)

    @alyssa, than, it IS awesome :)

    @myrna, oh wat leuk!, zijn we heel eventjes een beetje familie, hahhaha.