Tuesday, May 11, 2010

EOTD: Ocean Blue

This EOTD was made with the following products:
  • Hema eyeshadowsbase
  • Catrice eyeshadow, Blue out to Sea
  • Catrice eyeshadow, Blue Lagoon
  • Catrice, eyepencil, Blue out to Sea

 I started with the eyeshadowbase as usual. Then I applied the Blue Lagoon on my inner eye corner and 3/4th of the way on the rest of my lid. I also applied some into the crease.

 Then I applied some Blue out to Sea on the outher V and blended it a bit into the crease towards my inner eyecorner.

 After applying some eyeliner(only the blue part), and a bit of Blue Lagoon on the inner eyecorner, the look is already done.

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